How to add value to your home with your garden

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If you’re thinking of selling your property, spring is still considered to be the best time of year. The warm light tends to photograph better, and the addition of flowers in bloom and blossoming trees adds to the kerb appeal. While you may not want to spend thousands overhauling your garden, making small tweaks here and investing there can instantly add thousands to the value of your property.

What to invest in

Knowing where to spend your money in the garden isn’t just the difference between selling your house or it sitting for months on the market, it can make a substantial difference in how much someone is willing to pay for it. What many people don’t realise is that a well-tended garden can add anywhere between 5-20% to the value of the property.

The main feature buyers are looking for? A decent-sized shed. Sheds that double up as office space, a gym, or garden room can add the most value, and are relatively inexpensive to purchase when compared to the increase in your home’s valuation. Since open-plan living has become à la mode, there has been a distinct lack of separate living space in homes, and with more and more people working from home, having the additional flexible space is an added and sought-after bonus.

37% of Brits are spending more time in the garden than five years ago, and as such we’re enjoying al fresco dining more than ever. Therefore, if your patio is looking a little lacklustre, it’s worth having a spruce up. Replace any cracked paving and remove any weeds. And add pots with lavender, bay trees, and bamboo to add pops of colour.

Where to save

You don’t need to spend thousands on an artificial lawn – in fact you’ll be doing more harm to your garden if you do. Instead, spend an afternoon cutting the lawn and neatening up its edges.

If you have a fence panel that needs replacing, just replace that one panel – and not the whole fence. Instead give all the panels a spruce up with a lick of paint. Dark blues and greys add a modern feel compared with a traditional brown stained fence, and instantly gives the impression of a well-kept garden.

While it may be tiresome ensuring there are no weeds in the garden, this simple trick will have your outdoor space looking saleable in no time.


When the estate agent is coming to value your home, and when you have viewings, ensure no washing is hanging out to dry, children’s toys like footballs are put away, and if possible, put the bins out of sight. With a bit of careful budgeting, landscaping, and some sunshine you can transform your garden.