Everything You Need to Know About Garden Tractors

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Do you know that garden tractors are more popular than before? They are available in the latest designs suitable for all garden types and are more affordable. Once you start using a garden tractor, you will not return to any other device for maintaining the garden.

Garden tractors are easier to operate and effective while gardening. The John Deere 420 specification is suitable for all kinds of garden work. It is a multi-utility tractor. However, many retailers consider most riding mowers as garden tractors.

I must caution you, however. To do a thorough job, your garden tractor should be the best option. Is there still a doubt in your mind about whether you fully understand the tool?

Do not worry! The blog will focus on all aspects of the garden tractor.

Lawn tractors

Also known as riding lawn mowers are made for mowing your lawn. They are available in multiple sizes, and you can equip them with various deck configurations and sizes. Some of them have a tow hitch or loop to draw small garden trailers around. These are ideal for cutting large garden areas, pulling small loads of leaves, soil, weeds, and gardening equipment.

ZTR lawn tractors

A zero-turn radius tractor is a specific purpose-built machine. It mainly cuts grass specifically close to trees, path borders, and curbs. The tractor has a rear-engine design with a pair of steering controls that are lever-style. ZTR is expensive, so most commercial landscapers use it.

True garden tractors

If you want to do more than cutting and mowing, then an actual garden tractor is the best choice for you. It has the power to handle any garden task. A garden tractor has powerful engines, heavy-duty tires, tow hitch, and a suspension.

The best garden tractor looks like a miniature farm tractor with larger wheels on the back, multiple attachments, and a heavier frame. It has a transmission and stronger axles to haul heavier loads.

Under the hood

Do you know what lies under the garden tractor’s hood? A majority of lawn tractors have gasoline engines. These have multiple cylinders, electronic fuel injection, more extensive air filters, and robust engines than lawnmowers. You will have the choice of diesel and gasoline engines in a garden tractor.

Diesel engines are more fuel-efficient and have more torque than gas engines. An engine can pull more load on producing more torque. However, diesel engines are noisier but are more powerful and reliable.


Most ZTR mowers and riding lawn mowers use belts for driving rear wheels. The belt will move up and down along the pulleys that causes the drive system to shift gears while moving the shift lever. This set-up is good for light-duty applications, but it is not suitable for heavier work. You need to buy a heavy-duty transmission while using a garden tractor.

These use rear gears and clutch instead of belts. The best garden tractors also have a locking rear differential that turns the rear wheels to improve traction.

Cutting blade position

If the cutting blades are at the garden tractor’s front seat, you can trim underneath trees and brushes, which saves your time and effort. If the blades are under the driver’s seat, you can get up around corners and up to edges. Front positioned blades increase visibility in the garden.

Rear collecting

The rear collecting garden tractor collects grass clippings as you mow them into a bag. You can empty the grass either by a button, lever, or by taking the bag physically off and emptying it. You can buy a mulching bag to mulch the grass clippings. It will provide essential nutrients back to the grass.

Side mulching

Mulching garden tractors cut the grass clippings finely, so they get back into the garden to feed grass and soil. Other garden tractor types cut and spread the grass neatly so you can leave it to wilt naturally. Mulching grass is a fantastic feature as it saves time and is quicker than conventional methods.

Mulching grass recycles the clippings, improves the soil as clippings decompose, and forms a natural fertilizer high in nitrogen and potash. Your garden grass will exhibit remarkable improvement over the cutting season.


So, you must now agree that a garden tractor accomplishes multiple tasks for your garden. You can now match your specific needs and buy a suitable garden tractor. The above guide provides a whole lot of information on the garden tractor, its features, and attachments. It will enhance your knowledge of the product.