Adding solar string lights to your garden!

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Being environmentally friendly is not just a fashion thing but a way of life now. With many people becoming more aware of their lifestyles in a positive manner. Protecting how people are now choosing to live is becoming more and more popular.

People’s awareness concerning the planet is at the highest it has ever been with more people becoming aware of water usage, power consumption down to what protein to eat to fuel their bodies the list is endless. Often people start with the small things, and then as it becomes a way of life other things will often appear too.

The garden is where many people will start, maybe adding solar power lights around lawns or flower pots. Adding top rated solar string lights is another way to add a magical feeling to your garden.

Garden lights and their uses

Using solar lights in the garden is most definitely becoming the lighting that has become more popular to use. These lights started as basic lights that were not always very attractive looking, today these solar lights can be found in many different styles and designs, which keep in with the style and the look you are trying to achieve with your garden.

Many children love string lights, reminding them of festive periods such as Christmas. String solar lights come in many designs from flowers to characters or animals. These quite often will be added to vegetables that you have placed in pots, or around hedges and fences. The truth is when using string lights it does not matter where these are placed.

Hanging string lights around trellises or the tops of gazebos will not only spread your lighting out but will highlight what you want to stand out in your garden. If your children have flower pots or vegetable pots, placing solar lights around these will make them feel like what they are growing is more important.

Include a BBQ

When revamping the garden, the one thing that tends to be left out is the bbq area. There are many times when people are BBQing away and they time the cooking wrong, then all of a sudden it is dark. By adding solar lights to this area, you can obtain a great deal of light for no extra cost.

You can remove solar lights and place them into different areas where you may be cooking. While you look into purchasing your BBQ why not make it a centerpiece, look to see what string lights will fit with the style of this.

You can make your bbq area into the most stylish part of your garden, by recycling old furniture or using sustainable material you can achieve the most stylish looking seating area, that your friends will be completely envious of. Keeping the cooking area away from your lawn will allow your grass to grow undisrupted with out being spoilt.

Add a bar

So the food area is covered in your garden, why not add a drinks area too? This can be as small or as big as you like. Using old wood this can be built with ease. This can be as creative as you wish. With many designs being available to see online, this will also become a talking point.

Sourcing old style barrels, or buying big recycled tubs to place drinks in, keeping drinks cold, are a good way of encouraging people to get their own drinks. Having a drinks area will ensure that you keep everything in your garden organized. Keeping recyclable bags at hand to place empty cans or bottles, drink crates to place glass bottles in will keep your garden tidy.

Keeping your waste to a minimum will help in you being the host with the most! Being able to enjoy the company you have, will allow you to relax, without the added stress of keeping on top of you running around filling up drinks and collecting rubbish. Offer incentives to the children to help with keeping things tidy, children love to be helpful, this will also make them feel important and being included.


Having a green garden can be so much fun, if you are organized with the upkeep of your garden this can be with minimum effort. Having the correct bins in the garden will not only encourage people to use them but may encourage them to do the same thing in their home too. Creating a ripple effect, this little bit of green eco-friendly lifestyle will make your visitors think twice about their waste.

Solar lights are a great investment, after the first initial payment of what they cost, there is no other financial implication involved in owning these. Adding a fun lighting system to your garden whilst doing the best thing to help the environment. Sourcing the best available lights is easy, look at ratings to discover what will last and what will give you the best lighting.

When looking at making separate areas in your garden, go to forums or photos of what can be achieved. Decide what you would like in your garden? Using the free time you have encourages not only bonding time with your family, children, nieces/nephews, or grandchild, it will keep you busy. Finding the materials you need will be a doddle, asking friends what they may be throwing out, imaginatively make use of these things, enjoying your newfound creative side and your garden at the same time.