Ask the Right Questions When Hiring A Painting Company

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There are some jobs that we can do by ourselves, but then there are other jobs that require the help of professionals. Renovating a home is one of these types of larger tasks that require a stellar company that you can rely on. But what if it’s your first time? where do you turn to or who do you ask? Most of us get our houses re-done once every few years if we’re lucky. Getting it upgraded should be a priority, because not only will it keep it lasting for longer but it will also increase the property’s value, for when such a time comes as you need to sell or rent it out. This is one of the many recommendation professionals give homeowners. Find out more from this useful site.

There could be many reasons why people get their houses re-furbished and one of the most common things that need to be updated regularly every few years is a paint job. Getting a good paint job done on your place every few years keeps it looking fresh, and renewed. You will be the envy of all your neighbors.

Some neighborhoods recommend getting it done every few years so your property doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb as being the dirtiest of the lot. Often, estate agents get embarrassed showing people homes for sale that are unkept. So, do yourself a favor and get your place coated at least once every few years before it starts to look weary.

Tips on How to Choose A Reputable Paint Company

Having decided to go ahead with it, you’ve now to choose the best people for the job. Doing an online search can only get you so far. Sometimes websites have genuine ratings, while other times, they pay people to rate their websites for them. Fear not, there are a few things we can help you out with when it comes to looking for local painters in your area, that you can trust to do a good job. Another means of finding handy companies is by looking through an online directory such as this one

Apart from looking online, the other recommendation would be to ask around. Friends and family or even work colleagues can help in this matter more than you know. Everyone’s had their house painted at some point in their lifetime, and if they have not, the chances are high that they have known someone who has had it done, and they can give you their details. Your neighbors can help in this regard too, maybe for the sake of being unneighborly, or maybe because they don’t want to have a dirty looking house in the same areas they live in. Whatever the reason, your goal is to get the contact details of a painting company or private painter.

Ask them The Right Questions

For the sake of not wasting your time, we will assume you found a few different names of services, and now you need to contact them. Anyone can blunder a job such as painting a house. To avoid this from happening to you, we have included below, a list of a few of the important questions to ask all of them before you make the final decision to hire one.

Pop them a blanket email or give them a call. In any case, the better option is to get everything in writing. When narrowing down your search, look for local painters who don’t need to travel too far to get the job done. In some cases, the paintwork will need a few days to be completed and as such, they need to get there as promptly as possible and without any hassles. If anything needs to be touched up, you can give them a call and they can get to your place quicker than a company who works out of town.

  1. Ask them for references to people’s homes they have worked on – any decent company will have this information at hand ready and willing to give any of their potential customers. If not, check out the reviews on their business website to see what their customers have said about them and their work.
  2. How long will the job take and do they need to add primer first – this may sound obvious but having their response in writing is a good idea just in case they go against it.
  3. How long have they been in business?
  4. Ask them for a quote upfront before they start the work and after they have done an initial evaluation.
  5. What kind of paint do they use and it is hazardous to inhale it or be around it at all? You get various types of paint such as Acrylic, Water-based and Oil-based, you can find information about it here, and it’s best to find out which one they will be using in case you are pregnant or have small children in the home.
  6. Do they offer any warranty of any sort?
  7. How soon can they finish the job? – with big things such as these, it is always best to plan weeks, that way you can make sure you have everything in check, all the furniture is covered and you are expecting them. Planning will also give them time to look through everything and give you a better answer to how long the work will take.
  8. It is important to discuss any hidden costs and in case of any breakages, what policies do they have in place for this?
  9. Ask them if they will prepare the room before the work begins – cover everything up and make sure it’s out of the way.
  10. how many coats of paint are needed and how do they decide on this?

These are just a few of the simple questions you should be asking anyone whom you have intentions of hiring to work on your house. Think about dividing your questions into subcategories, for instance, role-specific questions, behavioral queries, and operational questions. That way it keeps things simple and they can answer them as best as possible.