Worried About Your Garden? Check Out AZ Weed Control

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Not everyone is born with a green thumb. I know I’m not. However, that doesn’t stop many of us from loving nature and embracing the green, luscious environment. We live in such a toxic and suffocating world filled with skyscrapers, flyovers, buses and trains that emit heavy, black smoke all day long. Don’t get me wrong; all these advancements sure made our life more convenient. But I wouldn’t go as far as say that this has been the best outcome of man’s pursuit for peace and happiness.

You know where I always find myself thinking happy thoughts? It’s when I look at gardens; it is when I look at my miniature one at home too. I think that all we really need amidst the hustle and bustle of this busy world is a small escape – a quick breather, perhaps. I think we all just need a little green in our lives. And for most of us, we satiate that desire for a little piece of nature through planting our own gardens. Check out this interesting read: https://www.ibelieve.com/food-home/4-reasons-why-tending-a-garden-is-good-for-your-stressed-soul.html.

There are many types of gardens. There is what we call a flower garden filled with fields and patches of flourishing flora of all shapes, colors and sizes. I personally love these pieces of work. It’s like artwork that has come to life. Roses, carnations, sunflowers, tulips, oh I can just name them all if we have all day. The blend of colors, no matter how small the garden, is a pleasant treat to one’s exhausted eyes. It really gives a tone of color to this monochromatic world. Aside from floral motifs, some people also take care of vegetable patches, bonsai, shrubs, and even herb gardens. No matter the kind, it’s always a delight to see life growing on your own backyard.

However, no matter what type of garden you’re caring for, there will always be one common enemy: Weed.

That’s right; I think every home gardener would share my sentiments about weeds. There you are, doing everything you can to ensure that your plants live a long, healthy life but each passing day, they start to look less and less alive. You give them sufficient fertilizer (even bought the best kinds), water them everyday, and give them enough sun and shade – heck, you even put on some relaxing music on Sunday mornings because someone on TV said that soothing music helps plants grow more beautifully. So you begin to wonder why.

Why are your plants wilting indeed?

Weed – Every Gardener’s Nemesis

Well, the first thing you need to check is whether your plants really are the ones enjoying all the love and care you’re giving. For all you know, all the love and care you are showering on your precious flora is going elsewhere. Something unknown to you just might be stealing it right under your nose.

Weeds are the parasites of the plant world (read more). Technically, they’re still plants but they’re not plants you would want to grow. But being the pest that they are, they are pretty resilient to harsh environments. They do whatever it takes to survive – even creep up and disguise themselves amongst your plants to steal whatever nutrients they can get from the fertile soil.

While sharing is certainly not a bad thing in many cases, this one just isn’t it. Weeds grow fast; they can double or triple in number in just a small amount of time. They’re also quite persistent and greedy. They’re practically just barging in on marked territory but they won’t even settle for scraps. Instead, they will take up everything that’s good about the soil and leave your plants for dead. If you don’t get rid of them, they’ll slowly eat away at your garden until you’ve got nothing but patches of weed and a bunch of plant skeletons.

If you don’t want these garden pests “pestering” your life any longer, then you can always call experts like East Valley weed control. Pulling them out yourself certainly is an option but I must warn you that doing so would be tedious and arduous. Plus, you can’t guarantee that they won’t be coming back.

Weed experts have specialized tools and chemicals that are specifically made to battle weed problems. So just sit tight and relax. The plant patrol will take care of all your garden worries for you!