These Basic Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips You Should Know

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Nowadays, lawns have become a symbol of status for many. No wonder most homeowners spent lots of money on expert landscapers intending to maximize the potential of their property. However, for some, the joy of working outside and achieving an attractive lawn can never be traded for anything. If you find satisfaction and relaxation doing lawn maintenance, then the lawn care ideas below will come in handy.

1. Weeding

Getting rid of weeds and unwanted trees is a simple way to care for your lawn. You can eliminate them by uprooting them or use the right tools for the task. For the unwanted trees and shrubs, have them trimmed or uprooted, and this will make your lawn look clean.

Besides, when you leave big trees untrimmed, they tend to compete with your grass for water and nutrients. In case the trees are too big and you lack proper tools to trim them, this shouldn’t be a problem; tree removal cost is affordable even when done by professionals. Therefore, don’t shy away from seeking lawn care services; this way, you can be sure of a well-maintained lawn.

2. Mowing and edging

Mowing and edging are common lawn care ideas practiced by many. How frequently you trim your grass depends on the weather as well as the time of the year. For instance, reduce mowing in cold months, but summer mowing should be more often since the grass will tend to overgrow.

If you fail to cut your grass regularly, then it won’t look as good as it should. Set a lawn maintenance schedule to trim your lawn every week, and this makes it easier to manage your garden. By so doing, you can quickly point out trouble spots and handle them early enough before they get out of control.

Although most homeowners assume that you should cut down the grass completely, this isn’t true. Avoid cutting the grass too short. Each type of grass has a specific trimming level; if you trim it completely, this exposes the flaws and can damage the grass. For the edges, tidy them using an edging tool or shears.

3. Watering

Watering plays a vital role in your yard, but don’t overdo it. Luckily, with automated sprinklers, the task can be easy and less time-consuming. Irrigating your lawn should be done depending on the type of soil and the climatic conditions. For instance, your grass requires more water in warmer months as compared to cold seasons. More so, ensure that there’s proper drainage to avoid your lawn from getting waterlogged.

4. Aeration

Adequate aeration is vital for healthy grass; it allows for excellent penetration of water, air, and nutrients to the roots. It’s also a great way of maintaining lawns that have been previously waterlogged or affected by drought. If your grass lacks sufficient air, water, and nutrients, it can wither or die. Aerate your lawn, especially when you notice patches of hard, compact soil and thatch accumulating too much.

5. Over-seeding

By overseeding, you renew the old and tired lawn by covering the entire place with generous amounts of seeds. This way, you fill any thinning areas, enhance the colour, and lessen the chances that weeds and moss are invading your yard. Ensure that the land is well aerated, mowed and watered before applying the seeds and this promotes proper germination


A well-maintained lawn looks more attractive than one with overgrown grass and weeds. As such, follow the above lawn care ideas and have the habit of watering your grass, weeding, over-seeding, and aerating for this ensures that your lawn stays healthy.