4 Benefits to changing your address with the usps

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When you choose to move, there are many things that will be affected by your new address. Many people and even companies may have difficulties reaching you. Your letters and parcels may take too long to reach you and could even be returned to the sender. However, a change of address is the right thing that you need to do. Depending on the company or the service that you engage for this purpose, the process of changing your address need not be such a bother. It could still be hectic and tiresome for some people. To be sure that your address is changed quickly and conveniently, the usps address change is the right thing to do.

One of the best ways to change your address is by use of the USPS service. Here are 4 benefits that come with changing your address with the USPS:

It is affordable, easy and fast

It could be a lengthy process to change your address. There are easy ways you can change your address with the USPS. You can change your address online. This is definitely one of the best ways to have the address changed in the shortest possible time. You can also fill the postal service form known as 3575 at the local post office. This can be done absolutely free of charge. However, changing your address online is charged 1$ to ensure that fraudsters get discouraged. The USPS will take around 10 days to confirm your change of address. As such, you should begin this process at least 10 days before you move to your new address.

The USPS gives you better options

The United States Postal Service will give you the best options to work around with your new and your old address. There are some 3 options that you can use to receive your mail at your new address. You can sign some forms to make sure that your 1st class mail is redirected to your new address. This is a free service that can last up to one year. The 2nd option involves signing for a premium service that forwards your mail to your new address but at a cost. This is a temporary arrangement though. The 3rd means is the use of the General Delivery Service that is offered by USPS. This allows you to receive your mail to your new address even if you may not have a permanent address.

It is a  safe process

With the USPS, your change of address has to be authorized by you. As such, the USPS will send you a move validation letter for you to confirm that you requested for the service. If you did not request a change of address, then you can report to your local post office for action to be taken.

The convenience of the USPS Service

With the USPS, you are assured of convenience in your new location. Your whole family can change their address if they are moving together. This is, however, possible if you share a surname with the rest of the family members. Individual family members can fill separate forms if they are relocating to different places. With the USPS, you can always receive your urgent or important mail with convenience regardless of your new location.

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