Choosing The Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower 2021: All You Need To Know !

What is a Corded Electric Lawn Mower 2021?

A best corded electric lawn mower is a lawn mower which has a plug-in electric motor. Electric lawn mowers work more quietly than gasoline lawn mowers, thus you don’t have to worry about bothering your neighbors while mowing your lawn. But, corded electric lawn mowers have a range limitation, so they cannot be moved away more than 30-45 m from the power source. You must be careful when using these machines to avoid running over the cable.

The Benefits of a Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Some people may complain about the trailing cord of the corded mowers that is inconvenient and hazardous, but many others believe that it is not different than using a vacuum cleaner. Some people love to use corded electric mowers because they have several remarkable advantages over other types of lawn mowers.

The benefits of a corded electric lawn mower

The benefits of a corded electric lawn mower

1. Unlimited runtime

With a corded mower, you just need to plug in the cord and maneuver around until you get tired. There is no limitation of the running time of this machine. In addition, you don’t have to do the extra works such as recharging or replacing batteries.

2. Cost saving

Corded electric mowers are not only cheaper than gas mowers, but they are also cheaper than cordless mowers as well. Even the best corded mowers are still less expensive than the midrange cordless ones.

3. No gas or oil usage

Using a corded lawn mower, you don’t have to spend time filling the tank of gas mowers. Going to the gas station for buying gasoline is not necessary, and no oil check or change service is needed. Overall, you can save about $80 a year for using a corded mower instead of gasoline-powered mowers. Even if you do all of them yourself, you won’t be happy with a lot of extra jobs.

4. Friendly with environment

Corded electric mowers are powered by electricity, so they do not produce any toxic fumes that characterize the gas powered types. You may say “they indirectly pollute the environment,” but that pollution is much less than what gas mowers cause. This is a real advantage of the machine when everywhere all over the world, people are talking about global warming and the ways to reduce emissions.

5. Silent and clean cut

Corded electric lawn mowers are relatively quiet, typically producing less than 75 decibels, which are much less than what a gas mower can produce, around 95 decibels or more. You can freely cut the grass anytime you want without having to worry about breaking the peace and tranquility of your surrounding neighbors.

A corded mower has a special setting that controls the mowing. As long as it gets constant power supply, it can cut the grass evenly. Moreover, it easily works even on thick Bermuda grass.

6. Little maintenance

With owning a corded electric lawn mower, you don’t have to take care of changing oil, oil filters, or even spark plugs. This type of mowers requires only basic maintenance. All you need to do is to clean it and sharpen its blades.

7. Quick start

All you have to do is plug in the cord, turn on the mower and then start mowing. That is all about how to start a corded electric mower. There is no waiting time for priming, pumping and pulling the starter cord.

8. Lightweight

A corded electric mower is significantly lightweight compared to a typical gasoline-powered type. It is also lighter than a cordless mower that has to carry the extra weight of a battery (can be up to 30 pounds). Therefore you can move your corded mower around the yard with ease. You can even put it into your car trunk and bring to your summer cottage to cut the grass there, too.

How to Choose a Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower 2021

Now you may be convinced to choose a bestcorded electric lawn mower 2021 for your lawn. But, take some time to consider which one really suits you.

The first thing you should take into account when shopping for lawn mowers is what kind of lawn you have. Is it small or large? Does it have many obstacles? If your lawn is around a quarter acre or less, then you can go on with a corded mower. Remember that you will have to manage a very long cord when you mow, so a garden with lots of obstacles like shrubs, flower beds and trees might not suitable with a corded mower.

If you want an economical option, then this type of lawn mower is just right for you. Plus, you will catch up with the trend of the world that is going green. Corded electric lawn mowers are great for the environment. They reduce your carbon emission and contribute to the fresh and healthy environment around your house.

When you decide to purchase a corded electric lawn mower, please take care of the following:

  • Mulching or bagging - Grass clippings discharged during mowing can be bagged or mulched, depending on the mower. If you choose the mulching option, the clippings will be cut into much smaller pieces and left on the lawn. They add nutrients to the soil as they decompose. However, if you prefer a neat, clean lawn, then a bagging mower will be a better choice. Check the bagging setup of the mower you want to buy. How can you attach it and remove it from the mower? Will it be too heavy for you to lift up when it is full?
  • Cords and cord holder – Be sure that the cord together with the extension cord is long enough that it can extend to the end of the garden. For a better cord management, you may need a cord holder that helps control the cord with ease while you make a turn.
  • Handles – You should check if the handles are comfortable to use, can be adjusted to your height, and can be folded for easy storage.
  • Deck size – Corded mowers have a wide range of deck widths, from 14-20 inch cutting path. The wider the cutting path, the less time you need to spend on mowing. However, the wider deck is more expensive than the smaller one. So if you can afford a more costly mower with a wide cutting deck, then you will be compensated later with more free time to do other activities.
  • Warranty and after-sales service – In general, you may get 2-5 years of warranty. This is one important thing you should get to know before buying any mower. When the warranty is expired, you will have to pay for all the repair costs. Therefore, understand the customer service of the company that offers the mower and what policies are applied to that model. You will have to compare between brands to select the most reasonable one for your needs.

Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower 2021 - Our Recommendation

GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp Corded 20-Inch Lawn Mower


  • Powerful 12 Amp electric motor
  • Adjustable cutting height from 1-½ inch to 3-¾ inch
  • Maneuvering easily with 7-inch rear wheels and 10-inch front wheels
  • Mowing effectively with 20-inch cutting deck
  • 3-in-1 multi function, including mulching, bagging and side discharge
  • 4 years Parts & Labor Warranty


  • Cannot cut well if your grass is over 6 inches
  • Need to be used with a proper electric wire to assure the performance of it

This is a great candidate of GreenWorks brand. It is one of the best selling lawn mowers on Amazon. The powerful engine makes it become one of the best models. With 12 Amp electric motor, It can handle most of grass types, even the toughest ones. Besides that, the users can easily adjust the cutting height between 7 positions, from 1-½ inch to 3-¾ inch. The flexibility makes this lawn mower suitable with a wide range of lawn yard, and it is easy to understand why it became one of the most popular models.

This lawn mower has also been designed specifically. It has 7-inch rear wheels and 10-inch front wheels which can help us maneuver easier in complicated terrain. For example, we can move it to a higher position or bring it up the stairs easily, by using the rear wheels like the fulcrum of the lever, and lifting the front wheels up. So, if you have a complicated terrain yard, it may be a good solution for you.

The 20-inch cutting deck of this lawn mower allows you to finish your mowing task effectively. Besides that, the durable steel, which was used to make the cutting deck, will help it resist with rust and stain; therefore, this lawn mower can stay for a long time.

The last thing makes me feel interested in this lawn mower is the 3-in-1 multi function of it. You can comfortably choose the way to handle the grass clippings by switching between mulching, bagging or the side discharge function. This advanced feature offers you the best way to use the grass clippings. You can use it as the natural fertilizer for your lawn or just simply gather all of it to have a clean lawn after mowing. It’s up to you.

After all, I would like to say that GreenWorks 25022 is a great machine. It not only provides advanced features, but it also provides durability and reliability. The manufacturers show their commitment with the 4 years Parts & Labor Warranty. There is no doubt that this lawn mower will make your mowing tasks become much easier and more enjoyable.

Tips for Easy Mowing with Corded Electric Lawn Mower

A corded mower starts with just a switch after it is plugged into a power source. You may need an additional extension cord which is extra-long and heavy-duty. Make sure it is an outdoor extension cord that is suitable with your mower. For a load of between 10-15 amps, you will need a 14 gauge cord up to 50 feet long.

The first rule when using an electric mower is to never mow a wet lawn. Always ensure that the grass is completely dry and the cord has no damage and no bare wires shown before mowing. The trickiest part when using a corded electric lawn mower is knowing how to manage the long cord. You should understand clearly about all obstacles in your garden. Start at a point near the outlet where the cord is plugged in and mow away from there. Sling the cord over your shoulder while mowing so that you can better handle it and avoid running the mower on it.

When the mower blades are dull, remove them from the mower and sharpen twice each season to maintain a precise cut. You can do it yourself or pay for someone to do it for you. Keep your mower clean and check the wheels once a month. Clean the mower right after using it because at that time, you can easily remove the freshly cut grass.



After all, we can easily see that, except the inconvenience of the electric cord, a corded lawn mower is a good machine with many advantages such as no emission, less maintenance, affordable price and so on. If you have a small lawn yard, a corded lawn mower may be a suitable choice for you. Please take a look at our recommendation model GreenWorks 25022. It is one of the best corded lawn mowers we can find on Amazon. Or you can refer to the related products section to find the best corded electric lawn mower 2021 for yourself. Just apply the buying tips in this article when choosing, and we believe that you will have successful shopping.

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