Best Electric Chain Saw Sharpener Reviews 2019 and Buyer’s Guide

If your job involves in using a chainsaw, you know how quickly your chainsaw can become dull under constant and heavy use. To make them sharp again, you have three choices: replace it, take it to your local chainsaw shop, or sharpen it yourself. The first two ways are obviously expensive, and that’s why many people prefer the third option.

What can be done to keep your chainsaw blades in top condition while enjoying safety and effectiveness during use? The answer is to use the best electric chainsaw chain sharpener that’s available and that suits your needs and budget. This handy manual or electric device is worth its weight in gold due to its many benefits. Today, we’re here to help you find the best product that perfectly fits your demand. Let’s get started with our best electric chain saw sharpener reviews for 2019.

Why Should We Need a Best Electric Chainsaw Chain Sharpener?


Save Our Money

Every chainsaw chain gets dull after a period of use. Instead of throwing it away and buying the new one, a best chain saw sharpener can help us sharpen it and save a lot of money. For those who usually use a chainsaw as an essential tool for work, such as woodcutters or loggers, this means even more profits.

Help Us Sharpen Saw Chain Precisely and Easily

Since chainsaw sharpeners are specially designed for grinding and sharpening saw chains, they guarantee optimal result in an easy and accurate manner. If you attempt to use a manual sharpener, you will need to put in a lot more effort and time. However, if you switch to an electric one, you can keep each tooth of your chain in top condition much more quickly and effectively.

Boost Our Chainsaw’s Longevity

A dull chain requires you to lean into the chainsaw and put more pressure on the wood being cut, whereas, a sharp chain gets the chainsaw to optimum performance, which means it puts less stress on the motor. So, your device can last longer and work more smoothly.

Keep Us Safe

Many accidents and injuries with a chainsaw occur because the user gets tired after a long period of cutting. In this case, the cause might come from a dull chain. On the other hand, a sharp chain helps you cut through wood with minimal physical effort and keep your concentration level high during work.

Best Electric Chain Saw Sharpener Reviews 2019

Here are best rated electric chain saw sharpeners you should buy in 2019: 

1. Buffalo Tools Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

What We Like?

  • Easy to use
  • Allows mounting to a bench, vise or wall for stability and sharpening accuracy
  • More compact and lightweight than most of the best electric chainsaw chain sharpeners
  • A high-speed sharpener taking less than 10 minutes to sharpen a whole 20" chain
  • Fits various chain designs

What We don't Like?

  • The 1/8” grinding wheel doesn’t provide the most versatility in terms of sharpening size.

If you’re looking for a budget-priced yet functional electric chainsaw sharpener, this model is one you should look at. It is possibly the best electric chainsaw chain sharpener for its price point as well.

The unit features a couple of screw holes at the base, allowing you to mount it to a workbench, vise or wall for the optimal stability while in use. Also, since it’s by far one of the most lightweight chainsaw sharpeners on the market, it won’t take you much effort to transport it and does not need much space for storage.

In terms of performance, the Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener does a great job. You can easily adjust the angle with a knob to fit different chain designs. The motor runs very fast at 4200 RPM, providing the 1/4’’x1/8’’ grinding wheel with the power to sharpen any tooth of a dull chain quickly. That is the reason why this product has a position in “best electric chain saw sharpener reviews” list of us.

2. Oregon 410-120 Saw Chain Grinder

Oregon 410-120 Bench or Wall Mounted Saw Chain Grinder

What We Like?

  • Metal construction which is durable and long-lasting
  • Integrated light for enhanced visibility
  • Allows accurate control for sharpening different chains
  • Comes with various accessories
  • Includes top plate and down angle configurations

What We don't Like?

  • The instructions lack details about how to set up the unit.

At first glance, this best electric chainsaw chain sharpener impressed me with its solidly well-made design. Most of the parts are made of metal for durability, and the craftsmanship is excellent. This construction gives you very good control for sharpening different chains precisely and easily.

The unit comes packaged with three grinding wheels, allowing you to sharpen 1/4”, 3/8” low profile, 3/8” full profile, 0.404” and 0.325” pitch chains. A dressing brick and a grinding template are also included when purchasing. So, if you have plenty of chains to sharpen, I highly recommend this model.

One more advantage of this sharpener that I appreciate is the built-in light, which helps to improve visibility. Although it’s just a minor addition, it’s very useful when you have to work in low-light conditions. Besides this, thanks to the wheel wear indicator, you’ll know exactly when you need to switch to another grinding wheel.

3. Oregon 511AX Saw Chain Bench Grinder/Sharpener

Oregon 511AX Saw Chain Bench Grinder/Sharpener

What We Like?

  • Features a self-centering vise for equal grind angles
  • Allows precise grinding without manual adjustments
  • Provides great versatility when working with different sizes of chains
  • Operates at 3400 RPM, allowing for heavy-duty sharpening demands
  • Comes with various accessories

What We don't Like?

  • It’s the heaviest model in the “best electric chain saw sharpener reviews” list.
  • Directions in the instructions are a bit confusing.

Coming from the same brand as the Oregon 410, this 511AX model is even better. For those who demand only the best electric chainsaw chain sharpener, this is the one they should take a look at. In comparison with cheap models, it takes things two steps further.

Firstly, it gives you the ability to equally sharpen the various angles of each blade of your chain without requiring any manual readjustment. In other words, you don’t have to stop and adjust the unit to deal with the next blade because it will position the next angle for you.

Secondly, the product comes with three grinding wheels with the thickness of 1/4’’, 1/8’’, and 3/16’’, providing you with enough tools to work with various chain sizes (1/4”, 1/2’’, 3/4’’, 3/8’’ and 0.325”). Moreover, with a dressing brick and a wheel template are included, it offers almost every essential feature for frequent sharpening demands.

4. CO-Z Electric Chainsaw Chain Grinder Sharpener

CO-Z Electric Chainsaw Chain Grinder Sharpener

What We Like?

  • Durable aluminum construction that works well for years
  • Complete wheel guard for optimal protection of your hands
  • Built-in light for enhanced visibility
  • Simple yet effective chain brake
  • Comes with two grinding wheels (1/8", 3/16"), a chain grinder, and a dressing brick

What We don't Like?

  • The vibration of this product is not good.

Despite not being a truly heavy-duty chainsaw sharpener with the maximal speed of 3000 RPM, this model is worth the money due to several handy features. First of all, it has the construction of a high-grade machine and is made of sturdy cast aluminum with reinforced hinges, allowing it to pass the test of time.

In addition, unlike any other model on this list, the CO-Z Chainsaw Chain Grinder Sharpener is equipped with a complete safety guard that covers the entire wheel to prevent injury from accidents. For me, this is an extremely useful feature that gives me the peace of mind every time I run the machine.

Like others, this unit is designed to be mounted to a bench or wall for stable working. Its brake used to secure the chain in place might work better than many others and allow precise angles of sharpening.

After considering all of the advantages of this product, I think it deserves to have a place in the list of “best electric chain saw sharpener reviews”.

5. Ironton ChainSaw Sharpener

Ironton Chain Saw Sharpener - 12 Volt

What We Like?

  • Very versatile, resulting in no sharpening angle limitation
  • Very small hand-held design, making it portable
  • Powered by a 12V battery
  • Stays cool during use
  • Cheapest product in our “best electric chain saw sharpener reviews”

What We don't Like?

  • It causes difficulties in getting an accurate and uniform sharpening length for newbie users.
  • The stones might break apart.

Working in a very different way to the previous products, this sharpener is a hand-held device that offers you the freedom of sharpening your chain wherever you are. That’s because it runs on a 12V power source which can be a car, ATV or UTV battery. Therefore, you will not need a fixed 110-120V AC outlet (except for recharging the battery).

The motor runs from 22,000 to 24,000 RPM, providing extremely rapid rotations of the 1/8’’ stone shank. Although it has no load speed like many grinding-wheel-based sharpeners, it’s able to help you get the job done effectively. Besides, thanks to the high-impact motor housing, the device stays cool during operation.

One more advantage is that this sharpener is very small and lightweight (only 2lbs), so you can put it in your backpack for easy transport. It also comes with various essential accessories, including 3 grinding stones (5/32’’, 3/16’’ and 7/32’’). After all, this is the cheapest one in the list of “best electric chainsaw sharpener reviews”.

6. OrangeA Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

OrangeA Electric Chainsaw Sharpener with Grinding Wheels Bench Saw Chain Grinder 1/8 and 3/16 Inch Wheel Chainsaw Sharpener Bench or Wall Mounted (Chainsaw Sharpener)

What We Like?

  • Has a nice, sturdy, cast aluminum frame
  • Works well enough for home use
  • The adjustments are easy and quick.

What We don't Like?

  • It’s not the best electric chainsaw chain sharpener at its price point.

This is a best entry-level chainsaw sharpener that comes at a very affordable price. It’s made for both semi-professional and domestic users.

The unit is equipped with a 3000RPM motor, helping you get the job done in a matter of minutes. It also comes with two grinding wheels (1/8" and 3/16"). With these essential supports, you can sharpen the majority of chains available today, such as 1/4", 3/8", 0.325" or 0.404" pitch chains.

I like how easily I can adjust the various settings to sharpen my chain with this device. All the knobs, including the depth, cutter angle, guide plate and rotary table adjusting knob, are all accurate enough. The tilting vise is also very stable, fitting well both semi-chisel and chisel style cutters.

7. I_S Import Electric ChainSaw Sharpener


What We Like?

  • The wheel is placed far from the vise, reducing the possibility of accidents.
  • You can use it easily without having to read the instructions.
  • Very powerful motor with 4200RPM grinding speed and 80W power
  • Very good price

What We don't Like?

  • No second grinding wheel, chain grinder, or dressing brick included

This sharpener is a good choice for both occasional users and professionals who want to keep their chains in top condition. It’s also a money-saving selection due to the low price.

With the robust motor providing the maximal grinding speed of 4200RPM and the power of 80W, it gives you all of the force you need to finish your job quickly. Together with the 4-1/4"x1/8" grinding wheel, it only takes you about 10-15 minutes to make your dull chain new again.

Moreover, the sharpener is easy to use. You can adjust the chain vice 35 degrees either to the left or the right. You can rotate the chain rollers advancing links to get rid of frustrating setup. You can also easily hold the chain in place while grinding using the brake handle. You can also mount the unit to a bench, work table, vise or wall without any hassle.

8. Garrett Wade Standard Chain Sharpener

What We Like?

  • Easy to set up
  • Very simple to use
  • Comes with two grinding wheels (4.5 mm and 3.2 mm)

What We don't Like?

  • Almost all of the parts are made of plastic, except the base, wheel and brake.

There are three words to describe this device: affordable, simple and rapid. These are what make it deserve to be on our list of best electric chain saw sharpener reviews. Whether you use it at home, or on the farm or ranch, it can fit your weekly needs very well.

I appreciate how easily I can set up this unit with only two steps. First, set the depth of sharpening with a depth-stop screw. Then, set the screw so that the grinding wheel drops into the gullet, and makes contact but not deeper. After this, it’s ready to use.

I also like the way it helps me switch the cutter for the next sharpening. You simply slide the chain brake back till it drops in behind the next cutter. For that ease of use, the manufacturer claims that you can sharpen a 20’’ 34-tooth chain in around just 12 minutes.



If you want to get the best electric chainsaw chain sharpener, then it’s strongly recommended that you pick up a durable model that not only works safely but also provides quick and effective sharpening result. All of the products in my “best electric chain saw sharpener reviews” list are great in terms of these standards.

Personally, I would suggest you try the Oregon 511AX Saw Chain Grinder/Sharpener because it’s a really great tool.

What is your choice? Please let us know by leaving your comment in the box below. Thank you for reading our “Best electric chain saw sharpener reviews for 2019”!

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