Best Ways to Prevent Pest Infestation

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It is one thing to see pests in pictures or in biology practical sessions, but it is an entirely different and horrible thing to have them infest your home.

Pests, leave it to them to make you feel like they own the house as much as you do. The manner in which they gallivant around your home like invited guests could just drive one crazy.

They live freely in your home, enjoy the warmth under your roof, and eat your food. Some of them even feed on you. They make up a nuisance in the house, and most horribly, they are carriers of diseases and illnesses.

Usually, there are two things to do when they infest your home: You can either get aggressive on them by coming up with various ways to get rid of them, but you could get hurt in the process especially if you’re getting physical. Or you could invite pest control services. The second option is our recommendation.

Now, there’s a third option that hasn’t even been explored. And this is preventing them from invading your home. This method is way easier and less frustrating than getting rid of them after their infestation.

There are many ways to prevent pest infestation, and you’ll find the best of them in this article. Here goes!

Pest Prevention Methods

1.   Pests Hate Clean Places; Keep Your Home Clean!

Pests like it when the home is dirty. Nothing says “pests are welcome in here” louder than leaving food crumbs and spilled drinks everywhere.

So when you clean, ensure you do it as thoroughly as you can manage. Scrub, mop, and do some vacuum cleaning. Take out the carpet and rugs if you can and beat the dust out of them.

Leave them under the sun for a while before taking them in. If you can’t do these yourself, you can invite professional cleaners to do the job for you.

Also, pests, like bedbugs and fleas, like dirty clothes. Wash your clothes and beddings with lukewarm, soapy water. The cleaner your house is, the farther away the pests are from your house.

2.   Cover Your Food

Just like humans, pests are attracted to the sweet aroma of our food. But unlike us, however, even rotten and bad-smelling food still attracts them. You should cover any food you still plan to eat.

Cockroaches can contaminate the food and cause you to get sick after if they come in contact and feed on it. If you notice that food is going bad, get rid of it. Else, flies and all other pests would take that as an invitation. And as for uncooked foods, keep them in airtight containers. Do not leave the containers open.

Also, don’t leave dishes unwashed. There are food particles on unwashed dishes capable of attracting pests. After you eat dinner, try to wash the dishes immediately. If you don’t, you are only setting up the stage for a pest party. And trust pests, they will party hard.

3.   Maintain a Clean Garbage Can

You might think, “I dump my dirt there, how could I keep it clean?” Well, garbage cans hold lots of rubbish, organic and inorganic.

There is hardly any way to completely keep pests out of them. But you can prevent the pests in there from getting into your home.

Keeping the garbage can clean is just about covering it properly and emptying it before it gets filled to the brim. With your garbage can overflowing, it’s pests galore!

4.   Seal All Cracks and Holes

Have you ever wondered how pests enter your house? They definitely do not come in through the front door as guests do, right?

Cracks, holes, and crevices are their entrances! Pests are typically minute. All they need is just enough space to wiggle into your home. Even rodents like rats don’t need the holes to be as big as their bodies. They know how to fit through tight spaces.

These entrances are the places you would need to discover and seal. Sealing them up gives the pests no way to invade your home.

5.   Repair All Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes leave stagnant water on the ground. Pests love this.

To them, you are giving them some water to drink and play in after they are done eating, making you a generous host.

Call in a plumber to fix leaking pipes.

6.   Grow Plants That Keep Pests Away

You can secure the help of some plants to join you in the fight against pests. There are certain plants that pests have an aversion to.

If you are familiar with the expression, an enemy of my enemy is my friend’? Well, it couldn’t be truer here.

Some plants that repel pests include lavender, eucalyptus, citronella grass, tulsi, mint, and marigolds. You can grow them in your garden or place them near your windows.

And if gardening is not your thing, you can buy the extracts of these plants. For example, you can buy mint or lavender extracts in spray bottles and spray them in your home frequently.

The Bottomline

Take advantage of these methods and watch pests avoid your home like a plague, just how you want it.