How To Choose The Best Zero Turn Lawn Mower: Reviews And Buyer’s Guide 2019

What is a zero turn mower?

A zero turn lawn mower, as the name suggests, is a lawn mower that has zero-inch turning radius. You can distinguish a zero turn mower from a traditional lawn tractor by two smaller front tires, two bigger back tires, a deck and especially two levers that control every move of the machine.

Conventionally, you see a riding lawn mower with driving wheel, but with a zero turn mower, two levers can manipulate any running, turning, pivoting, braking and stopping. Its dual hydraulic system operates independently and control left and right tires separately.

That is why pushing the levers in the reverse direction causes one side turning forward while the other turning backward; therefore, the mower can pivot on its own center. This amazing feature really distinguishes a zero turn mower from other traditional riding mowers and gives its great maneuverability, which draws a lot of attention from both home gardeners and professionals.

The advantages of a best zero turn mower in 2019

There can be a number of advantages that best zero turn mower overcomes than other conventional ones. Typically, we can name these outstanding benefits as following:

Ease of manipulation

Control two levers of the zero turn mower, and the machine will run as your wish. Pushing two levers forward, and it will run forwards, at the same time pulling the two levers back, and it will slow down. Pushing any lever a little more than the other, and it will turn on that side. If you want the mower to pivot on its wheel, just push one lever forward and pull the other in a reverse direction. No gear, no brake. Every move is controlled by the manipulation of the two levers. You can experience the wonderful maneuverability on the field with many obstacles. The zero turn mowers can trim around the obstacles very easily by the control of the levers.


The experiments have been carried out to test the efficiency of a zero turn mower as compared to conventional ones. The result is that the zero turn mower helps to save both time and effort to cut the same acre of lawn. Specifically, it takes half of the time to finish mowing a field with a zero turn mower since the ease of manipulation mentioned above does not require you to put lots of effort in both riding and cutting the field simultaneously. Because zero turn mowers can cut faster, the fuel consumption should be reduced significantly when the operation time is lessened by half. Moreover, the life span of the engine will be longer than a comparable mower because it servers the same purpose of mowing in a shorter time.


A zero turn mower can be accompanied with multiple accessories to satisfy multiple needs of the owners. There could be a clipping bag to collect the leaves and grass clippings, a snow plow to plow off snow on the riding way, or a pulling trailer to cater utility stuffs. Depending on your needs and wants, various attachments with the zero turn mowers could be supplied to satisfy you. Thus, you can not only mow the lawn but also perform many other tasks with the help of the zero turn mowers.

Premium Price

Comparing a zero turn mower with a traditional mower of the same size, the zero turn mower often costs more. But after all, it’s worth the price when we take into account the amazing features, the maneuverability, the speed and efficiency of the zero turn mower. The price range varies from $2000 to $10000 or more based on the quality of the materials, engines and various features. But in the long run, you may not regret when buying a zero turn mower because of the benefits it can bring to you

Some tips to choose a best zero turn lawn mower 2019


Considering the advantages that a zero turn mower can bring for the users, it may be tempting to own one. However, you may be confused when looking for the best one in an increasingly competitive market with lots of manufacturers who keep boasting about their products. Higher prices may imply higher quality of the engines or more added features, but let’s look at some technical aspects that make up the best zero turn mower you should consider when purchasing.

Hydraulic System

This is the key component of a zero turn mower that distinguishes it from conventional riding one. It costs almost half the price of the machine if you have to switch to a new one. When you consider buying any zero turn mowers, please look at the hydraulic system first and choose which one has a good reputation and a great warranty policy.


The second integral part of a zero turn mower you should consider is the engine, which powers the hydraulic system. Currently, there are various engine brands on the market. The commercial grade zero turn mowers usually have more powerful engines than consumer grade ones. Based on your requirements and budget, you can choose the most suitable one between the different types of engines.


You can easily notice this information in the front or the middle lower part of a zero turn mower. A deck can be made up from welded pieces of steel, and it is called fabricated or welded deck. This type of deck is more durable than the stamped deck, which is made of a single piece of steel. However, different mowers go with different types of decks. If you don’t have a large yard, a stamped deck may be good enough.


Apart from the deck, the rest of the metal parts shaping a zero turn mower could be considered as the frame. It connects to the deck to feature multiple functions or service that a zero turn mower has to perform. Of course, a durable frame is what the buyers search for when making purchasing decisions. There could be some specifications to measure the sturdiness of the frame. Most often they look for the thickness of the steel. The thicker the steel is, the stronger the frame is.

Some other aspects such as the comfortability of the mower or the accessories along with the machine should also be considered, based on your demands.

Best zero turn lawn mower 2019 - Our Recommendation

If you would like to buy best zero turn riding lawn mower after reading all of the advantages above, but still are confused between many models and brands on the market, then, I am here to help you. Below is the most outstanding zero turn lawn mower on Amazon. Check it out.

Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower, 46-Inch

Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower, 46-Inch


  • Hydro gear EZT transmission drive system allow us to control each wheel independently
  • Comfortable 15’’ high back seat
  • Foam padded lever
  • Adjustable cutting height from 1.5-inch to 4-inch
  • Durable 46-inch reinforce cutting deck
  • Fuel tank with the capacity is up to 3.5 gallons
  • The top speed is 6 miles per hour


  • It's a little hard to control this zero turn mower on slopes
  • The front wheels of it leave tracks on the lawn when turning

We all know that easy maneuverability is one of the big advantages of a zero turn radius riding lawn mower, and in this Poulan brand, model it is even maximized furthermore. The highlight of this zero turn radius lawn mower is the dual wheel Hydro gear EZT transmission drive system of it. With this drive system, we can control each wheel independently and maneuver it around our lawn easily by moving the two control levers. This feature helps to improve the efficiency and reduce the time of each mowing session because it allows us to move around the obstacles on our lawn effortlessly and mow closer to each obstacle. Therefore, we will have a nice cut at the first time and never have to use other tools to trim or mow again around the obstacles.

Besides the ease of use, Poulan Pro P46ZX also brings a comfortable experience to the users. With the 15’’ high back seat and the levers, which was covered by foam padding, this zero turn radius lawn mower gives you a convenient seat. Therefore, you will be able to work more than 1 hour without facing back pain or hand blister.

The cutting system of this lawn mower also impresses me a lot. First of all, we can flexibly adjust the mowing height among 6 positions, from 1.5-inches to 4-inches. With this feature, you can easily adjust the mowing height to become suitable with the height of your lawn. Besides that, the 46-inch reinforced cutting deck not only helps to improve the mowing efficiency, but it also provides a durable performance. The 10 year warranty is a strong commitment of the manufacturer about the quality of it.

Poulan Pro P46ZX was equipped with the fuel tank with the capacity up to 3.5 gallons. Besides that, this zero turn radius riding lawn mower can reach the highest speed around 6 miles per hour. With these advantages, you can finish mowing the 2.4-acre lawn within 1 hour. So, if you have a large lawn, this model of the zero turn riding lawn mower may be the best choice for you.

After listing all of the advanced features above, you may understand why we recommend this zero turn riding mower as the best one to buy. Maybe the price of it is higher than a traditional riding lawn mower a little, but the advantages it can bring to the users is significant. Comparing between the price we have to pay and the benefits we can get back, I think the price of it is very reasonable. So, if you are looking for an effective and convenient zero turn radius riding lawn mower, do not hesitate to click the button below to check the price of it on Amazon right now.

Zero turn lawn mower safety tips


Controlling a zero turn radius lawn mower is not too hard, but we need to practice enough to have a safe riding. Please remember these following tips to keep yourself and other people safe.

Read the manual instruction carefully: There is plenty of precious information about the operation and safety tips in the manual instruction that the user should read before riding a zero turn mower.

Steady and mindful movement: This is crucial to ensure that every turn of the mowers is under control and serves the right command. To do this, you should be trained and practice enough before riding by yourself.

Watch over other people or animals: It is better to ride the zero turn mower in a clear area without people, especially children or animals because any uncontrollable maneuver may cause accidents for them.

Wear protective equipment properly: You should wear enough gloves, eye protective glasses, seat belt according to the guideline in the manual instruction before riding the machine.


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