Boost Your Curb Appeal With These 5 Landscape Design Ideas for the Front Yard

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Your front yard introduces your home and the rest of your property. Good first impressions stick, so it’s worth taking the time to spruce up your landscape design out front. Here are five ways to do so:

A Small Patio

A patio in the front yard can be fantastically versatile. If you have a sprawling lawn out front or a safe street on which your kids enjoy riding their bikes, the patio provides the perfect vantage point from which to keep an eye on them. When guests arrive in the warm summer afternoon, a welcoming drink on the patio before entering the home can serve as a thoughtful touch. Consider the exterior of your home when selecting the colors and style of your patio pavers  and wall units. A few potted plants and a pair of comfortable outdoor armchairs on the patio can make your home look more inviting from the get-go.

Enticing Walkways

A walkway can tell the story of your home and property, as it winds in specific directions to draw intentional focus to important features. The pavers underfoot can set the scene for what’s to come. The look of bluestone, for example, offers a pale, crisp aesthetic for every walkthrough of your property. Cobblestones and brick offer a warm, wholesome, and traditional look and feel.

Ambient Landscape Lighting

Strategic landscape lighting can give a minimalist front yard a dramatic face-lift. There are various techniques to choose from, with different visual effects to achieve. Uplighting and silhouetting are techniques that draw focus and add contrast to the landscape at night. Moonlighting, path lighting, and other forms of ambient lighting serve to make the entrance to your home warmer and more welcoming. Linear step lights tucked underneath the coping can give an entrance a sleek, modern look while string lights draped around planters can add a fun, romantic touch to the overall design.

A Serene Water Feature

The atmosphere surrounding the entrance to your home is as important as its appearance. A welcoming atmosphere can be enhanced by the addition of a serene soundtrack created by a nearby water feature. The water feature itself can serve as a focal point, showcasing stunning masonry, or can be tucked into a corner and serve solely to set the mood.

Dramatic Steps

Stone steps are timeless and complement both modern and traditional aesthetic themes. They add a sense of grandeur to an entrance when they are packed with texture and individuality. The structure of a staircase plays a large role in deciding its visual effect. Wide, sweeping staircases that taper toward the top are characteristically dramatic, while narrow staircases are more understated. What you use to flank your steps is just as important as the steps themselves. Lush greenery can be used to give the front yard a fuller, more lively appearance. Interesting rock formations do well to complement modern, minimalist homes and xeriscapes. Ensure that your steps are non-slip and well-lit at all times of day to prevent unwanted injuries.