Unkempt Garden? Here’s What to Do

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The unkempt garden is a real tragedy. Whether it has fallen into disrepair over the years or you have recently moved in, getting that garden up to scratch is one of the best ways to show pride in your home.

Though many people think gardening is difficult, it really comes down to careful planning, choosing the right plants and then letting nature do all the hard work. It might take some trial and error to begin with, but trust that you will succeed and good things will come your way.

Most gardens are laid out in a similar way with distinct areas, each surrounded by a border of plants. If you are coming at your garden with fresh eyes, it is worth forgetting what is there for a moment and thinking about what you want to have. Then see what you have to play with and where you can make improvements.

The Pool Area

A pool is a brilliant way to make the most of your garden – especially in the summer. However, if they are uncared for, pools can quickly stagnate and attract a lot of flies. Over time, the vinyl liner may also be a little worse for wear and should be replaced.

The first thing to do is drain the pool and give it a good scrub. Make sure that you clear our all the filters and check that everything is working. If you need to replace the vinyl, you should do this before you refill the pool. Visit Sparklean Pools to learn more about vinyl liner pool repair.

The Lawn Area

A lawn is a great asset and is brilliant for kids play as well as garden parties. However, great lawn care is crucial to ensuring that you have a green space all year round. If your lawn is ragged, balding, yellow and bumpy, it is definitely time to lay some new turf and start again!

There are lots of differet types of turf you could go for, but the rules for laying it are all the same.

  1. Rake over the soil to break it up
  2. Go over the whole area with your boot heels to flatten
  3. Rake again
  4. Give a sprinkle of water
  5. Start laying the turf at the far corner
  6. Lay each turf flush with the previous so you can’t see any gaps.


The Patio Area

In winter, the patio is great for being outside without going on the wet grass areas. Lots of people are even turning their patio into an outdoor kitchen complete with a bar and pizza oven! This is a great area for entertaining so shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you want to add some color, potted plants are a brilliant way to build a feature. Cluster contrasting colors together and use pots of different heights to show off each flower individually.

Once these areas are starting to look better, you will find it much easier to build the rest of your garden up and create the green space you have always wanted!