Cheap Curb Appeal: 9 Tips To Increase Curb Appeal Of Your Home

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Curb appeal is critical whether you’re selling your home, or just trying to impress your neighbors. Use these cheap curb appeal tips.

Did you know that replacing the old siding on your house can bring an 89 percent return on investment? This, among tons of other curb appeal improvements, increases the value of your home.

Whether you’re trying to sell or just increase value, start with curb appeal.

Many outdoor renovations are cost-effective. You’ll spend much less on landscaping than you would replacing indoor appliances. But you’ll still see a significant increase in house value.

Not sure where to start with the exterior of your house? Here are nine cheap curb appeal improvements you can make today.

1. Landscaping

Improving the visual appeal of your lawn and hedges creates a 4 percent increase in property value. This isn’t surprising when you consider how visually-stimulated house shoppers are. We like to see clean and attractive landscapes full of potential.

By simply hiring a landscaping service once a month, you can improve your curb appeal. Get the lawn mowed and pull out weeds regularly.

Work on getting greener and lusher lawns. This means knowing when and how to water your grass. And, choosing the right fertilizer for your lawn.

2. Power Washing

The exterior of your home endures seasons and different weather conditions. It’s normal for the walls of your house to get dirty.

Dirt, dust, mud, and debris all collect on your house’s surfaces.

You can easily boost curb appeal by power washing your exterior. For convenience and perfection, hire a professional through this website.

3. Flowers and Bushes

Part of curb appeal is adding dimension and personality to your property. It’s the first impression you make on your neighbors and potential home buyers.

One way to add personality and style to your yard is with bushes and flowers.

Consider planting bushes around the foundation of your house. Plant flowers in the gardens along the pathway and entrance. Buy flowers in a color that accents the rest of the house.

4. Update the Numbers

Your address number plates don’t have to stay the same. The ones the house developers put on are standard and acceptable. But unique numbers make your house stand out and have more personality.

Modern houses can get away with stacking their address numbers vertically. If you have a modern house, choose numbers in a plain and clear font.

Older homes often look great with more whimsical numbers. If you go for a cursive font or one with more pizzazz, still ensure its readable.

Consider putting the address numbers on a stone near the front of your yard. Lit with a spotlight, your address will be easy for guests to see.

5. Outdoor Seating

If you have a front porch, create an outdoor seating area. This makes your house look welcoming, approachable, and well-maintained. Plus, you get a new outdoor space to drink coffee or cocktails.

Look for a patio set that fits the space. If it’s a small patio, look for a bistro set. These usually come with two chairs and a middle table.

Larger patios can have bigger furniture. Consider a bench, loungers, or even a dining table.

6. Pops of Color

You don’t have to paint your entire exterior if it doesn’t need it. Instead, focus on adding pops of color to the property.

Choose a color that compliments your existing color scheme. If you have a brown-toned house, look at orange, yellow, and green. Houses that use white vinyl siding could use any color they like; blues and reds look especially nice.

Here are some areas you can place your pops of color:

  • The front door
  • The garage door
  • Planters and flower pots
  • Window shutters

Also, keep in mind the color of your soil or mulch in your front gardens. If you use red mulch, perhaps red should be your pop of color.

The key to using a pop of color well is not putting it everywhere. Choose 2-3 of the items on the list above to paint.

7. Seasonal Décor

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas are all perfect opportunities for decorating your exterior. Not only is it fun, but it shows that your property is well-maintained.

Home buyers like seeing the potential of the house they’re looking at. Your goal is to make it the best version of their vision. Seasonal decorating is something most people want to do, but don’t get around to actually doing.

Make use of your front porch and lawn space. Use hay bales in the fall with gourds and pumpkins. In the winter, use mono-colored lights symmetrically strung around your house.

8. Update the Garage Door

A full garage door replacement can get expensive. If yours still works, consider updating its appearance and aesthetic.

As mentioned above, you could paint it in your accent color. Make sure you give the trim around the garage door a fresh coat of paint.

You can also buy hardware accessories that attach to the door. Decorative hinge fixtures give your house an elegant and regal aesthetic.

There are tons of garage door accessories to choose front. Black iron is the standard choice, but you can buy them in wood or other materials.

9. Driveway and Pathways

The walkways and driveways are the most-used areas of your front yard. They need to be clear, clean, and easy to use.

That means bushes and grass around the borders should be trimmed and kept clean. Remove all debris from pathways by sweeping or leaf-blowing.

Consider getting your driveway painted or get a new coat of asphalt. This gives your entire curb appeal a facelift and breath of fresh air.

Want to Know More Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas?

Curb appeal is incredibly important for your property value when selling your house. It also shows that your house is well taken care of and maintained. The exterior of your home is another avenue to show your décor skills and style.

Luckily, there are tons of cheap curb appeal ideas that won’t break the bank.

Simply planting flowers is a great start to improving curb appeal. If you’d like more tips of creating a garden and maintaining it, read here.