5 Useful Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Property With Your Garden

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One of the most overlooked features that can significantly add to your property value is a well-maintained garden. Did you know that a good looking outdoor space can add up to 20% to the overall value of the house? If you are searching for some simple and cheap upgrades for your garden to increase or add value to the property you are selling, here are 5 tips for improving your garden. Before putting your property on the market, do these simple steps that will help you find buyers much faster.

Keep the garden tidy

As mentioned by Home Morphing a poorly maintained garden can be a big influence on the buyer’s negative opinion of the property. Try to impress the potential buyers by keeping your garden clean and tidy, and make sure to keep all the plants and decorations in perfect condition.

Don’t forget to mow the lawn, do all the repairs on the fences and clean up all the dirt and dead leaves off the patio. The fine details count, so pay attention to any small imperfections that you may not have noticed before. The first impression is what counts most, so do your best to make your garden visually pleasing.

Create more space

You should do all you can to increase the sense of space and let all the sunlight fills your outdoor area. Put away any bigger gardening tools and objects that take away too much space, and trim the bigger plants that put too much shadow on the garden. One of the best ways to instantly increase the value of the garden is to add a shed or any other garden building that can be used as a storage room. Studies show that these outbuildings are very popular garden features, as most buyers are looking for different ways to use them as extra living space.

The second most popular feature of the garden is a good quality patio or paving, but don’t underestimate the surfaces that are covered in green grass, these can also be used as a playground for kids and pets.

Take care of privacy and safety of the garden.

When buyers come to take a look at your property, you should make sure to present the inside as well as outside space as a safe and private area. Most modern buyers are interested in enjoying their free time at home without worries of being watched by strangers.

So invest in a good fence that is not difficult to maintain, but creates the safe haven that the buyers crave for It makes it easier for most potential occupiers to envision themselves enjoying the outdoors if they feel like the garden is a place of peace and comfort. Their safety and well being is in the first place, so help them enjoy their future home by making them feel comfortable in the garden as well as inside the house.

Make a great impression

Plants make all the difference in the garden’s visual design. Before you start selling your property, remove all the unpleasant looking weeds that distract the viewer’s attention. Add some colorful blooming flowers instead and divide the garden into different zones, like the vegetable garden and the outdoor kitchen zone. Don’t spend too much money on plants that need special care, as the new owners might remove them later because they are too difficult to maintain.

Avoid any unknown or alien plants that can make damage to the garden structures, like the Japanese knotweed. You can ask for help with identifying all the plant species at your local gardening center. Keep the garden simple and balanced to ensure that the buyers will see it as a plus to the property and not a high cost that is not useful to them.

Add stylish features

Spruce up the overall design of your garden by adding some high-value features that will convince the high-end buyer. With some clever styling and lighting, the outdoor scene can truly increase the overall value of the place. Invest in some garden furniture, add a water fountain and design a comfortable sitting space within the garden.

That way the buyer can use their imagination and look forward to spending some quality time with their family or friends in their very own garden. But be careful to keep these renovations moderate, as every homeowner likes different kinds of designs, so let the buyer decide how the garden should look like in the end.