How To Choose The Right Storage Company?

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Most homes tend to be cluttered with a myriad of items that homeowners either use occasionally or not at all, hence taking up the free space in their wardrobes, spare rooms, and garages.

Nevertheless, you no longer have to use your home as storage space for all of your belongings, at least not the ones stuck in your closet for ages. Nowadays, the choice of storage companies is rather extensive, providing customers with a variety of self-storage units with a convenient location, working hours, and safety features.

The following tips will help you make the right choice.

Determine your requirements

Prior to looking for a storage company, you’re expected to determine your requirements regarding the self-storage unit you plan to rent. It’s essential to consider the most essential factors, such as the approximate size of the container, ease of access, and ventilation inside the room. Start by composing an inventory list with all the belongings you intend to store in order to estimate the approximate space amount you’ll need. Click here for some practical tips about creating an inventory list in Excel.

Besides calculating the space you’ll need for your items, make sure you leave enough space for moving around. Cramming the unit might seem like a wise idea at first, but you’ll undoubtedly regret the decision once you start searching for items in the back. Therefore, you are advised to label the items that you would probably have to access frequently.

In terms of ventilation, it’s important to check whether any of your possessions is susceptible to moisture, temperature changes, or dust. If some of your objects aren’t capable of withstanding heat or below-zero temperatures, make sure you rent a climate-controlled unit to keep the possessions in perfect condition throughout the year.

Regarding access, you are supposed to consider the approximate frequency of visiting the unit. Some storage companies provide clients with round-the-clock access to their containers, while others operate solely within business hours.

Look for local providers

After attentively considering your needs, it’s time to make a list of all the reputable storage companies within your local area. Conducting online research is most beneficial when looking for candidates, as every provider has its own website, where useful information about the company’s services is posted for clients to check.


Moreover, the reputation of a storage company can be checked by going through online reviews, shared by existing or former customers. Make sure you trust the reviews on credible sites, such as Google or Yelp, not the ones posted by the provider itself. These reviews provide excellent background information about the local self-storage facilities, hence preparing you for the tour of the premises. The following link,, reveals the importance of verified customer reviews.

Consider the location of the facilities

When comparing storage companies in your area, you are strongly advised to check the location of self-storage facilities. Keep in mind that your location is of indispensable importance to people who wish to access their self-storage storage unit frequently, as well as the ones who rent such containers for long-term use.

In contrast, individuals that need temporary storage of their belongings or need no frequent access to their units can rent a container outside of town. The further the facility is the lower the cost of renting the self-storage unit. Consequently, it’s vital to choose a facility in the heart of town if you plan to access it frequently. Otherwise, you could simply rent a self-storage room out of town for a much lower monthly cost.

Check the hours of operation

Another indispensable factor to take into account when looking for a storage company is the hours of operation, as not all providers offer the same access to clients. You are recommended to choose a facility whose working hours comply with your busy schedule in order to access the unit when necessary without any problems.

Therefore, make sure you check the hours of operation of each local storage company either by visiting their websites or getting in touch with their offices over the phone. Nowadays, most of the storage companies provide 24/7 access to customers, both on weekdays and over the weekend. Nevertheless, it’s important to understand the difference between office hours and gate hours. The former refer to the time period where offices are open for customers to make the necessary inquiries, while the latter refer to the hours when you can access your self-storage unit.

Consider the safety measures

The safety measures of self-storage facilities vary across storage companies, which is why you need to check the safety features each provider offers to customers. Most companies provide clients solely with a padlock and a key, with no additional security.

In contrast, some of the high-end providers offer round-the-clock CCTV surveillance, alarm systems, smart door locks, exterior lighting, and other top-notch security features. Also, some storage companies provide insurance policies to clients for an extra charge, which covers the expenses in the event of theft or any kind of damage done to the items.

Check the price and payment plan

The ultimate factor to check prior to choosing a self-storage company is the rental price of its units, as well as its payment plan. The overall cost of renting a self-storage unit depends on a myriad of factors, such as the size of the container, the security features of the facility, its location, and working hours. Units with 24/7 access, located in the centre of town are much costlier than the ones with limited access, situated in the suburbs.

Regarding the payment plan, you are supposed to check whether rent is charged on a weekly or monthly basis. Make sure you look for some discount offers, as certain providers offer a one-month period free of charge to appeal to potential customers.

Bottom line

The self-storage facility you choose is supposed to have a convenient location, flexible working hours, and solid security measures.

Choose a unit with an affordable price and payment plan!