Choosing an Outdoor Firepit, what You Need To Know

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Nothing says summer like gathering around a campfire with family and friends, but building the perfect bonfire is easier said than done. Outdoor fire pits not only make creating a fire easier, but they can bring a social space with stylish touches to any patio or backyard. For the perfect summer cookout or chilly winter night cozied up, a fire pit

can completely transform an outdoor living space.


Knowing how and what to buy when it comes to choosing an outdoor firepit may feel overwhelming, but understanding the great benefits of a quality outdoor fire pit is a great place to start. The first, and the greatest, thing that a fire pit will create is a social living space in your backyard. When family and friends come over, you’ll be limited to spending time indoors on a beautiful. By simply surrounding a fire pit with chairs, benches, or even laid back blankets, this addition will give your guests a reason to be outdoors. The warmth of an actual fire will make for a comfortable gathering space, but the act of joining around a fire opens a space for all of your family and friends to connect. Grill covers and fire tables can also turn a

fire pit into a dining space, making for the perfect barbecue or picnic-style dinner with friends.

This gives your yard or patio an excuse to host and a great environment for gathering loved ones during any time of year.

Safe and Easy

While everyone loves gathering around the warmth of a burning fire, sometimes the effort it takes to make a fire and clean it up may turn you off from initiating the process. Fire pits are great because they make creating fires easy and pain free.

Gas fire pits take little to no effort to start. By simply connecting a propane tank to the pit, which many pits hide beneath their surface, you can turn a gas pit on with the simple turn of a knob or flick of a switch. These will create mess free fires, with little to no smoke and no burnt debris. Maintaining gas fireplaces truly is effortless; the only thing to keep in mind is having propane on hand to fuel fireside evenings.

If wood burning fires are something you desire, a  pit will help contain flames, ash, and dust so that cleaning up will only require quickly brushing up remains. Most fire pits include a cover, as well as tools, to manage the logs and shield people from sparking or loose ash that could be hot. All you’ll need are logs or sticks, a lighter, and lighter fluid depending on the desired size of a fire.

Fire pits help eliminate worries about fires growing uncontrollable or hot remains sparking flames after things have been put out. Keeping a fire contained and controlled is one of the best ways to enjoy fires safely.

Either gas or wood burning pits simplify the process of lighting outdoor fires and require very little clean up. The great benefit of this is that any evening can turn into a night spent outside without having to plan ahead.


Where fire pits differ from old fashioned campfires or bonfires is in their potential to add style to any landscape design. Fire pits are available in everything from basic metal bowls, to designer style fire tables with intricately detailed surfaces. A fire pit exists to fit every budget and every living space. They exist to add so much more than fireside nights, in that they can actually be a decor piece themselves.

Fire pit tables have become more popular in recent years, and they are a great way to elevate outdoor patio or landscape design, as they have beautiful table surfaces. These pieces can be     

shiny and eye catching, or more rustic and muted. Gas burning pits can also be filled with lava rock or fireglass; this is a great way to polish off any table or pit with an extra pop of color or textured detail. Even wood burning pits are offered in stylish designs, with anything from rustic, metal pits with decorative cutouts, to sleek, modern looking pits rich in style.

Hundreds of fire pit furniture sets also exist that allow shoppers to purchase the perfect outdoor patio set. Buying a set that includes a fire pit will ensure that all your pieces match and you’ll have appropriate seating for your firepit. This can be the focal point of your patio, with anything from nicely upholstered fit to endure outdoor elements, to casual sling poolside chairs.

Outdoor fire pits do so much more than serve as place to light fires. They create a gathering space and bring true, detailed style to an outdoor deck– without the hassle or mess of a more natural bonfire. Purchasing an outdoor fire pit is a great way to make all of your friends and family want to spend every night outside.