Keep It Cozy: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Furniture

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We spend close on 36% of our time¬†in our bedrooms. That’s over a quarter of our at home time in the room that we find sanctuary.

Shouldn’t that time be spent in a well decorated, relaxing sanctuary? When you go to bed at night, it should be in a room that speaks to our personalities. If your bedroom doesn’t reflect a space of relaxation, calm and serenity, then it is time to redecorate.

Are you redoing your bedroom? This guide will help you decide on the perfect bedroom furniture for your style.

Perfect Bedroom Color Choices

Before we talk shop, we need to discuss the dynamics behind choosing the right paint color and color scheme for your bedroom. You have three main categories when it comes to picking a scheme:


Neutral colors are beige, gray, taupe, black, ivory and white. They can serve as a great backdrop for a calming undertone and are great to spruce up with different colors to bring vibrancy in small details.


Pastel colors almost always work wonderfully for the perfect bedroom. Pastels are relaxing and will assist in a good night’s rest. Think of softer, paler blues, lavenders, yellows, pinks and greens to create the right ambiance.

Bright Colors

We don’t encourage you to use brighter colors in the bedroom. Bright colors can be too energetic and too bold, enough so that they don’t contribute to a relaxing environment. Rather keep your bright colors to the accessories and¬†smaller decor items for your perfect bedroom.

Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Furniture

Once you’ve chosen the right color scheme for your bedroom, the next step is your bedroom furniture.

First, analyze the size of the bedroom that you’re redoing. Before you can go ahead and choose new furniture, you need to know what will be able to fit into the room and how many pieces you will need. Put together a furniture shopping list for yourself.

The Amount of Furniture Pieces

The amount of iconic pieces you can fit into your bedroom redesign is a direct relation to how large space is. If the room is smaller, you don’t want to cram as many pieces in as you can. Try to create a space that feels large by maximizing your windows, and walkways in between larger furniture pieces.

Style of Bedroom Furniture

You know what pieces you need, but where to start? If you’ve gone with pastel colors, you may feel that you don’t want large, older looking pieces of furniture. Perhaps you’re looking at more simple, modern looking pieces to complement the color scheme that you’ve chosen. Carry a color swatch with you, or print one out to keep handy. So when you’re looking, you can envision your linen and accessories on your new pieces.

The Perfect Bedroom Suppliers

You need to shop around. You know you want wooden furniture to complement your pastel or neutral color schemes. You like the idea of two single beds or a king size bed. You know it’s going to fit. You’ve already bought the linen, the pillowcases, and the curtains to frame the view of your perfectly manicured lawn.

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Perfect Bedroom Bliss

Remember, that your bed is the main piece in the perfect bedroom, after all, it’s what the room is named after.

After you’ve completed your color selection, and your bedroom redecoration is underway: be sure to concentrate the bulk of your time on finding the perfect bed, and the rest will fall into place.

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