Easy Step by Step Guide to Start Gardening

Gardening is a beautiful initiative to take up as we directly contribute to the betterment of the environment. It is not a rocket science if you have all the required materials with favorable soil and weather conditions. If not hard work, it does require dedicated work. It is a step by step process and this article will let you know how to go about it.

Six Steps to Start Gardening

Choose Your Type

This is the best part of having a garden of your own. You can choose the plants that please you the most. But, even in this context, you need to be sensible in your decision making. The plants chosen as per your wish should be inclined with the growing conditions of your gardening land. Then only, your garden will be an effective one.

Pick Your Land

As mentioned in the previous point, the land should be suitable for the efficient growth of the plants chosen. One of the basics of gardening is that the area of land available never matters. Instead, what matters is that specific part of the land which receives the adequate amount of sunlight and shade and the prevalent soil is welcoming to the plants. So, this requires some analytical work. You will have to metaphorically transform yourself into a geologist, a biologist, a statistician and most importantly, a dedicated worker to find that perfect part of the land for your garden. You need to notice the area closely for few days and come to a conclusion. You can also make adjustments, if possible to get the most out of the available land.

Purchase of Seeds


You need to be economical in the purchase of seeds. But, don’t let the price be the factor considered ahead of the quality because spending on seeds is a one-time investment if the quality is top notch. So, make it a point to visit the best shops and ultimately, you will end up buying the best seeds. The attendants in good shops will always act as a good guide to your seed purchasing process.

Preparation of Soil

This is a long-term process. Remove the weed and sod existing in the area and bring the land to a uniform level. Apply layers of compost along with dry grass, decayed leaves, manure and other organic matter. Leave it to settle for a period of at least a couple of months. You can dig the top surface of the soil gently along with the additives so that the additives take less time infiltrating into the soil. However, digging is not always favorable. Don’t adopt to digging when the soil is either too dry or too wet. Using an electric tiller can prove to be a good decision. You can check out the reviews of best tillers at Tiller Advisor if you are planning to buy a tiller anytime soon. Also, before proceeding, you can opt for a soil test by experts in your local soil testing centers. It will give you an idea about the required amendments.

Put the Seeds in The Ground


Planting the seeds requires a gentle and concentrated approach. The instructions on the back of the seed packet is of great use, but it only helps with the procedure of planting. You also need to keep other factors in mind like when and where to plant the seeds. Some plants should be planted in autumn, some in mid-spring, some in late winters and every plant has its own requirements. In some case, there also might be a need to start plantation indoors and later, transfer outside. So, you need to ask an expert regarding this.



Water is immensely important for existence of life. This even applies to plants. A proper water supply has to be maintained for the nourishment of plants. Excessive water can damage the plants and less supply can stop its growth. So, there is a need to achieve the state of equilibrium. Watering also needs to be adjusted to the weather conditions.

To sum up

For the beauty of your garden to last long, it needs to be taken care of, on a regular basis. You have to take measures to prevent the growth of weed and hazardous insects. This can be achieved by covering the soil with a few inches of mulch. Your garden should be adequately exposed to natural light, as per its requirements. If you take care of your garden in an efficient manner, it will certainly go with you a long way and day by day, it will only become much better.

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