5 Exclusive Ideas for Small Backyard Design

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Do you want to turn your backyard into an actual sanctuary? You are in the right place because there are lots of approaches to create a comfortable and inviting outdoor space. From stately patios, manicured landscapes and paradise-status pools, there are 5 exclusive ideas for small backyard design.

1. Increase Style of Your Space

If you don’t have a big backyard, you should not worry about it. People living in tight spaces can smartly decorate their space. A house, loft, townhouse or condo has limited outdoor space. It doesn’t mean to avoid water features, a hot tub, seating, patios, plants, trees, and soil.

Get started with container gardens if you lack soil or outdoor space. In decking or patio, you can use urns, crates, wooden boxes, low bowls, and pots. Feel free to create vertical space to grow flowers, vegetables, herbs, and succulents.

In a small backyard, you can select a hanging garden. You can suspend plants from eaves, wall hangers, and beams. With water-wise plants, you can get the advantage of no-fuss deck or patio. A small dining area and kitchen can be an excellent ideal for grilling.

If you have sufficient space, you can arrange an outdoor refrigerator, counter, and a basic grill. Feel free to grow a small garden for herbs and plants. With climbing or espaliered plants, you can develop a sense of privacy.

2. Tucson Design for Small Yard

In this design, you can infuse different colors, such as sky, nature and surrounding terrain in your landscape. This idea works really well for condominiums and patio homes. For this design, you will need skills to fuse materials and styles. Rejuvenate outdoor furniture, innovatively use colorful tiles, incorporate sculptural succulents and forms and add rustic elements.

A hot tub or a portable swimming pool can be an excellent addition to your backyard. You can consider a mosaic-tile pool in your yard for decoration. Feel free to choose rusted steel walls and panels, block walls, dining set and concrete patio for your backyard.

3. Make Your Space Functional

Define the function of your space to make it look cohesive. You can think about the function and use of your exterior. For instance, summer dinning requires you to buy a dining table. It is essential to discriminate if you need a seating area or a fire pit.

Based on the available space, you can stick with the main function. Try to break your yard into some distinct areas. Use pathways to create a pivotal point. Remember, people can quickly scan your space. For this reason, you will need a strong point to change their perception.

Use stones or pavers to make a pathway and define perfect directions for movement. Feel free to divide your yard with the help of different pathways. With beautiful tiles, you can designate an area for your hot tub.

4. Vertical Landscaping to Cheat Height

Do you want to add width to a small backyard? You can create its illusion with the help of vertical landscaping. Feel free to use your upward space. With vertical landscaping, it will be easy for you to give height to your yard.

Feel free to choose several plants and use them at varying heights. It will help you to capitalize visual interest of space. Choose tall plants, such as sprawling ivy, stoic perennials, shady trees, etc. Feel free to stack small plants in flower beds or graduated planters.

5. Bold Colors for a Small Yard

With a small yard, you will get limited opportunities to add explosions of visual interest as compared to spacious backyards. There is nothing to worry about because you can use bold colors to decorate your yard. Consider the color of your interiors before choosing colors for your backyard.

It is possible to bring colors in your backyard through throw pillows and cushions. These things are suitable to embellish seating sets. You can take inspiration from nature. Flowers can be an excellent addition to add intense colors to an outdoor space.

If you need a pulled-together look, use 2 to 3 colors in the design of your yard. Make sure to follow a cohesive color scheme. You are free to do experiments with tiles, pillows, cushions, and furniture.

Spiral Staircase

If you have a deck moving toward your yard or patio, you may need stairs. Remember, wide stairs can take up maximum space. For this reason, a small backyard looks beautiful with a spiral staircase. This staircase will recoup a few feet and give a great look to your space.

You can increase the versatility of your small space with built-in seating. Remember, seating can be a significant challenge in small backyards. For this reason, in-ground fire pits and benches may be a good idea.

Keep Things Simple

For a small space, you should keep things simple and beautiful. Divide your space into different areas as per its function. Your backyard space should help you to perform various functions. After the designating function to each area, it will be easy for you to select furnishings and other items.

Sometimes, a few large pieces look good in a small backyard instead of cluttering your space with several small items. Consider your budget and available space before spending money. Change the scale of the backyard by selecting bold and large plants. It will help you to create a deep-green and lush landscape.

Completely cut the grass because you don’t need it for your lawn. Your small backyard can be a haven for flowers, veggies, and plants. Create walking paths in the yard to easily access them and stagger plants based on color and height.

For minimalism in interior design, choose a few plants and create a serene and calm oasis in your backyard. Create a fusion of style and storage. You can save space by choosing a durable bench with a storage unit. This storage unit will be great for garden tools and toys.

A small fountain in your backyard can increase its style and beauty. You can use a rustic fountain or any other design as per your budget.