Factors to Consider While Designing Office Interior with Wall Mirrors

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Mirrors are great assets in the decoration and designing of interior spaces. Your office does not have to be boring if you have the option of installing a decorative wall mirror. If used correctly, wall mirrors can accentuate your office space. There is so much that mirrors can do for your office. For instance, it reflects light which creates an illusion of space; it can light up your room, create a focal point in your office and so on. They are a great alternative to using wall art, which is usually expensive.

When it comes to choosing wall mirrors for your office, you might be a bit torn about different things. Do not despair. Here is what you need to consider when designing an office interior with wall mirrors.

1. Size of the mirror

The size will be the first thing to consider when choosing wall mirrors for your office space. You should decide how long your full-length wall mirror should be before you make any other decisions. Several factors will influence the size of the mirror. One of them is the effect you want them to bring. If you’re going to make a bold statement in your office, an extra-large mirror would be perfect for the job. If you have limited space on the wall to the entry of your office, accent mirrors will do. These can be used to either focus on an interesting object in your office or reflect light. Remember, while designing mirrors that you want to become part of your background, large and frameless mirrors will be the best.

 2. The shape of the wall mirror

The shape of the wall mirror plays a significant role in your office space. It will define your office by creating an illusion of a brighter and roomier space. For instance, square mirrors or ones with angular shapes will make your space look organized. Horizontal mirrors will create an illusion of great width. A full-length wall mirror with a vertical shape calls attention to the height. If you are looking for a decorative wall mirror, a circular one will serve the purpose pretty well. Oval and circular mirrors bring a fancy look.

There are tons of other shapes you can explore, depending on the kind of mood you want to bring in your office.

3. The style of the mirror that fits with your office

The beauty of using mirrors in your office is that they are flexible, and there are so many styles to choose from. If you have been looking to express your style in your office, this is the perfect opportunity, and you should grab it. When we talk about style, we are talking about the kind of frame you should be using to bring a particular accent. For example, a frame with ornaments has some aspect of culture. If you are an art or culture person, this would be a good pick. Combined with the style and design of your office, it could also be a modern inspiration.

Your office does not always have to appear so formal. However, there is usually little you can do to create a casual atmosphere in your office. You can install wall mirrors with frames that have simple lines or materials that you don’t get to see every day. Are you a fan of the country? Playfully treated frames will give you what you are looking for: a country look.

You are allowed to explore your creativity when choosing a frame for your office wall mirrors: make the most out of this opportunity.

 4. Color of the mirror that accentuates your office interior

This is also one of the things that you need to give deep thought to while designing your office mirror. It is very sensitive, and you cannot afford to go wrong. When choosing a color, you want something that blends with the color of other pieces you have in the room, and most importantly, the color of your wall.

Choosing this one should, however, not put you at your wit’s end: it is simpler than you thought. Take black and white, for example, just as the case for clothes, will go with anything. Black, white, or wooden tone suits any office décor. If you want your office to look elegant, go for metal colors. A metal-colored full-length wall mirror will give your office a modern look. While choosing a color, pick one that works against the color of your walls. It should either be lighter or darker than your wall. Creating a natural contrast is the trick.

5. The brightness of your office

Offices can either have enough light or dark depending on where it is located. If you have an office that is a bit dark, you do not have to worry about sky-rocketing electricity bills anymore. There is another way to add brightness to your room: use a wall mirror. A decorative wall mirror positioned opposite or next to a window will reflect incoming light and brighten your room.

Mirrors double up the light source, and a large, strategically positioned mirror will do wonders for your office.

6. Office space with or without windows

Again, depending on where your office is located in a building, it may or might not have a window. Most people will prefer rooms that have windows. Unfortunately, this is not a luxury that everyone gets to enjoy. If you have a windowless office space, you could create one for yourself: the only difference is that it will not let air inside. Wall mirrors create the illusion of a window, making your office brighter and appear even more spacious.

Not everyone is lucky to have a big office. The good thing about mirrors is that they can create space where it appears to have none. If you have a small office, a wall mirror can double your space. The simple act of placing it on a storage cupboard in your office changes everything.

The tips above will go a long way in helping you get the perfect wall mirrors and effects while designing your office space.