Nature at its Best: Witnessing the Graceful Greeneries of Singapore

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It’s an innate desire of people to connect with nature and its beauty. Nature lovers who love to travel seek to experience tranquility while appreciating the beauty of nature. Travelling to Singapore is the best way to satisfy the outdoor enthusiasts’ search for peace and calmness.

Singapore is known for having 100ha of high-rise greenery extending throughout the island which is similar to 100 football fields or more. Apart from parks, travellers will also notice the overwhelming greenery on a lot of buildings as soon as they arrive in Singapore.

The best reason why world describe Singapore as a City in a Garden is because no matter where you are in the country, there’s always a garden or park to explore. To make it easy for travellers, here are the best places to go and witness the lush greenery of Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay

The city area or central region of Singapore has an abundance of rare flowers, intriguing and unspoilt sculptures as well as vertical gardens or super-sized trees. Travellers will be able to find such beauties of nature in Gardens by the Bay. Prior to that, travellers can inquire from to make the most of their time in Gardens by the Bay.

Gardens by the Bay is a garden that spreads out in the city area, it provides people with breath-taking views of the Marina Reservoir located right next to it. Further, Gardens by the Bay comprises of three waterfront gardens for people to fully experience what nature’s beauty has to offer.

Bay Central Garden

The Bay Central Garden serves as the link between the Bay South Garden and Bay East Garden, and also provides a visitors a three kilometre promenade. Bay Central Garden is the smallest of the three waterfront gardens. But, the Bay Central Garden still allows people to enjoy the scenic walks from the center to the east of the city.

Bay South Garden

The Bay South Garden is the largest of the three waterfront gardens thats aims to manifest the best garden artistry and tropical horticulture. The inspiration for the overall concept of this waterfront garden is drawn from Singapore’s national flower, Vanda ‘Miss Agnes Joaquim’ or Singapore Orchid.

Gardens by the Bay’s reason for using orchid as their overall concept is to represent Singapore and the tropics. The main attraction of the Bay South Garden are the supertrees. Further, supertrees are multifunction, by being an environmental engines for the unique and exotic vines, orchids, bromeliads and ferns in the garden.

Supertrees are also known as vertical garden with the height that ranges from 25 to 50 metres. With a total of 18 supertrees in Bay South Garden, there are twelve supertrees placed in the Supertree Grove. Further, the rest of the six supertrees are situated in groups near the Dragonfly Lake and Arrival Square.

Aside from the supertrees, there are also two cooled conservatories at the conservatory complex which is the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome. The Cloud Forest imitates the tropical mountain regions’ cool moist conditions. While the Flower Dome imitates the Mediterranean and other semi-arid regions’ mild and dry climate.

Bay East Garden

The Bay East Garden is the second largest of the three waterfront gardens, and functions as the green lung of Singapore. Following this, the Bay East Garden can be found at the end of Tanjong Rhu Road, the path towards the Bay East Garden is well-hidden. Behind the main entrance, you’ll be able to feast your eyes with a lavish water-themed garden.

The Southern Ridges

The southern ridges is at the further south of Singapore, and features a ten-kilometre stretch where people can walk amongst the trees. The beauty of the southern ridges comprises of green open spaces where people have an overview of the parks and gardens.

The most popular places to go to in the Southern Ridges is Mount Faber and HortPark. Mount Faber is the second highest hill of Singapore and will provide you an experience of the country’s most popular attractions. Following this, Mount Faber has a cable car system connected to Sentosa Island, an island filled with thrill-seeking attractions.

On the other hand, HortPark features a landscape of greenery which serves as a real treat for nature lovers. Visitors will be able to trim flowers and plant seeds, and even learn a thing or two about gardening. Experts in the HortPark will walk you through the educational aspects and retail activities of gardening.

Further, visitors can also join guided tours to know more about the secrets of the plants and grasses. Also, there are workshops available for every nature enthusiast who wants to talk about the differences of specific grasses and bushes.


While there are more iconic places in Singapore that’s bound to impress nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The greenery found in the three waterfront gardens of Garden by the Bay and the Southern Ridges’ Mount Faber and HortPark are by far the most graceful.

If you’re looking to experience peace and calmness, and you’re travelling to Singapore in order to achieve that. You should mark these locations on your map, and do your best to visit them. You’ll be able to witness nature at its best while being surrounded by the graceful greeneries of Singapore.