3 Factors to Consider When Growing Cannabis Indoors

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When it comes to growing cannabis indoors, is this your very first time? Indoor gardening for so many homeowners may seem like an easy mission to accomplish. However, before you even flex your green thumbs, know that the project of growing cannabis indoors comes with various challenges for growers of all levels.

In general, the volume of data you will come across over the internet may seem like an overwhelming one, but with some additional tips, secrets, and steps, growing cannabis indoors will turn out to be an easy process. As you follow the tips, for example installing LED grow lights, the entire process can speed up, leaving you with fresher and cleaner sections of cannabis.

In order to grow cannabis successfully in your indoor grow space, here are some factors you need to consider.

1. Choose a Suitable Grow Space

One of the very first steps is to set up your personal grow space or room, enough for the size of the cannabis growing project you wish to work on. Rest assured that this space does not necessarily have to be a typical growing space, but it can be a spare room, closet, tent, or any suitable corner. You just need to ensure that you fix special equipment in the space and provide the plants with enough growing space.

When you tackle your indoor cannabis project for the very first time, you need to make sure that start small during the early stages for a good number of reasons. Some of these include:

  • A smaller grow space will mean you will have to spend less to set it all up
  • As an amateur grower, you can tackle all your blunders easily within a low cost
  • Often, it is easier to monitor smaller sections of cannabis, compared to a larger one.

You should be aware that you may experience setbacks and eventually, you may even end up losing your plants to pests and diseases if you do not take proper care. Know that having just a few failed plants are always much better to make a bigger hole in your pocket with over 30 plants. If you are a first-time grower, it is advisable that you should start small, but also think bigger when you design your indoor grow space. In addition, you should keep into account the external needs of cannabis, including Dorm Grow lights, fan, HVAC, ducting and the installation of other equipment.

You also need to consider the size of the grow space. In their early flowering stages, cannabis plants often have the tendency to grow triple in size, so you must have adequate room. If you decide to grow them in a closet, ten, or a cabinet, you should simply open it up and work on all your plants, or else you should ensure that you give yourself enough elbow space.

You can use a indoor grow tent for Growing Cannabis and it will help to grow very fast.

2. Choose Appropriate LED Grow Lights

You should be aware that the light quality you install in your indoor grow space is one of the most important factors you should consider, especially if you wish to better yield your cannabis plants. The appropriate solution for you here is to set up a lighting that you can afford and the grow lights should perfectly fit.

LED Grow Lights

Light Emitting Diode (LED) grow lights are a popular lighting choice, around for many years now. However, it is just recently that indoor gardeners are turning to these lightings for their indoor gardening projects. These lights are popular for their fast yielding capability and other countless benefits that they bring. However, the only disadvantage of LED lights is the expense that tags along with them. Generally, cannabis growers prefer to use G8 LED grow lights, mainly because they boost the yield of plants and consume less power, giving off less heat. Their design also generates a full spectrum of light, which helps to enhance the cannabis plant quality.

3. Maintain Grow Space Cleanliness

Note that cannabis plants often grow a lot better when the environment is clean. You need to ensure that you sanitize the area easily and keep the indoor space clean. Avoid drapes, raw wood, and carpets, since they are difficult to clean.

Another vital criteria to consider is the growing space needs to be “light tight.” This means if the light leaks during dark periods, this will confuse your plants, and they will end up generating male flowers. When you make up your mind to grow cannabis plants, you also need to consider some other variables.

As you gain experience and more knowledge, altering the equipment in your cannabis grow space is not something difficult. Indoor growing of cannabis is a fun task, so make sure that you take your time to install the best equipment, and enjoy indoor gardening, no matter the weather condition!