Five most glorious fields in the NFL

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Ever watched a life NFL match on television and wondered just how the staff get the field in such a superb condition? Anyone with a passion for gardening will know keeping a lawn in shape is no mean feat. Now imagine two teams of professional football players tearing up the turf every week in studded boots.

Groundskeepers don’t get enough credit, in our opinion. The focus is on the stars of the teams who rake in millions of dollars in wages every week. But their job would be near impossible without the work of those looking after the field. A talented player in full flight on a beautifully tended field is something quite spectacular. The same player wading through mud and dirt doesn’t quite have the same effect.

The state of the field is crucial to all aspects of a football match. A well-kept area will favour a fast, attacking team making for a high-scoring game. Many professional bettors using the Sportsbook Bonus site to gamble on NFL games spend hours researching the playing surface and the teams that perform best on a particular pitch.

OK, so you tending to your lawn is a million miles away from the work of the NFL ground staff, but how do the top teams do it, which are the most glorious fields in the NFL and are there any tips we can take from the professionals?

University of Phoenix Stadium

The hoe of the Arizona Cardinals, it’s no surprise the University of Phoenix Stadium makes it onto our list. The area gets a good amount of sunshine for most of the year, and Bermuda grass’s growing conditions are just about perfect. But there’s more to it.

The field is grown and maintained outside the stadium on a huge tray and transported in for games. It’s a significant job for all involved, but the benefits are there for all to see. The field is remarkable year-round.

Raymond James Stadium

Tifway 419 Bermuda grass covers the home field of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and treats the players to a surface unmatched in the area. The Buccaneers base their entire play on their beautifully maintained pitch, which is why they have become so successful at home in recent years. In most seasons, Tampa gets far better results at home than away because the stars have become accustomed to the playing style of the surface.

Sun Life Stadium

One thing the home of the Miami Dolphins isn’t short on is sunshine. The days are long and the winters short. The conditions are perfect for growing and maintaining Tifway 419 Bermuda grass. The surface takes a beating when the teams are battling for possession. But the team and the conditions start the recovery period as soon as the play is over. That ensures the scars of the previous game are gone before the next one begins.

Qualcomm Stadium

You’ll find the San Diego Chargers playing their home games at the striking Qualcomm Stadium, and visiting teams find this field a pleasure to play on. The surface lends itself to fast, free-flowing football, and that makes for great entertainment. The stadium itself isn’t the most modern but the turf rivals any NFL ground in the country. The winning formula here is that lovely sunshine enjoyed in the south. The Bandera Bermuda grass is lovingly tended by the experienced staff who work to ensure the field is in pristine condition for every match.

Bank of America Stadium

At the Bank of America Stadium, the Carolina Panthers can be seen charging to victory…on occasion. The interesting aspect of this field is it’s the only one in the NFL to use Voyager Bermuda grass. It is hard-wearing, easily standing up to the challenges of hosting regular football games, but it also has a quick recovery time. The staff get the most out of the period between matches to regrow, repair and rejuvenate.

When the new NFL season kicks off, you will see each field in all its glory. The close season has allowed ground staff to work on the field at every venue months, free from the burden of play. Day one of the season is an exciting time for sports fans but let’s not forget the sacrifices and labour of those involved in setting the stage.