Five Reasons to Buy a Push Mower

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Perhaps you’re old lawn mower has finally kicked the bucket, or maybe you’re moving to a new house, but these occasions might lead you to consider a new mower.

A push mower, while it might seem old and backward, has many advantages over other kinds of mowers like electric or gas. Here are a few reasons to buy a push mower:

Push Mowers are Environmentally-friendly

You can save a massive amount of gas by using a push mower instead of a gas mower – having a positive impact on the environment by minimising air pollution and improving the health of your community!

Gas is so expensive, and also very easily spilled – The EPA estimate that 17 million gallons of fuel are spilled every year while refueling garden tools like lawn-mowers and chainsaws.

Push Mowers are very Cheap!

Where you might pay over 200 dollars for a gas mower, a push reel mower will usually cost much less than this – averaging around 100 dollars. If you pay for a 200 dollar push mower, then you will get a quality item – rather than a bottom-of-the-range petrol mower. At the top of the range, I would recommend the fiskars staysharp max.

Also,  the savings from not buying petrol or using electricity will add up over time.

Push Mowers are Easy to Maintain

Push mowers are also very cheap to maintain – they have a simple mechanical structure which won’t require a replacement motor or engine maintenance. All you have to worry about is sharpening the blade and keeping the mechanism in good condition. This is an easy job that you should be able to do yourself with minimal cost.

There is no need to change the oil, or no need to buy new spark plugs. All you need to do is sharpen the blade – a straightforward job.

Push mowers only require minimal maintenance – once or twice per growing season, and they are also very easy to store – easily fitting in a carport or shed.

Push Mowers are Quiet

If you want to wake up very early and mow the lawn without annoying the neighbors, with a push mower you can. Or perhaps you live in a hot climate and want to mow in the evening – no problem with a push mower, and you won’t be preventing your neighbours from sleeping.

When you mow with a push mower, you can hear the sound of the birds sing – rather than the din of an engine.

Push Mowers Cut Quality

Cut mowers might seem dated, but the cutting mechanism – which cuts the grass with two blades in a scissoring action, rather than the flailing action of a gas mower – is far healthier for the grass than most other mowers.


Author bio: My name is Laurence. I started mowing lawns as a teenager looking for extra pocket money, and haven’t stopped since. I grew up in sunny Shoreham and studied horticulture and landscape architecture before starting my own gardening business. I write about lawn mowers at