Forest Therapy 101: What You Should Know

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Many people today are comfortable living in the city as they enjoy being in the thick of urbanization and all its advancements, as well as being closer to their places of work. While there are numerous people who find city life ideal, not everyone is keen on going through the stress and hectic pace that urban living brings.

This is where green spaces come in. Many cities are now embracing the biophelia hypothesis and are making efforts to incorporate more green spaces into their city planning. Of course, if there are unhealthy or dead trees in the designated space, city officials should first consider hiring the services of tree removal experts, in Sandy and elsewhere, so that they cam maximize the area as well as ensure safety.

Green spaces provide a refreshing break from the city noise and air pollution. Being surrounded by green spaces and trees improves our physical and mental health. If you are a city dweller and find yourself in need of a boost, you may want to schedule a day or two in a forest hideaway or other such rural retreat.

Here are just a few benefits to be had when you head out for your weekend in the forest:

Helps you cope with stress

There is a link between residing near a forest and other such green spaces and healthier brain function, according to research. Compared to people living in the city, people living near forests may cope with stress better than their urban counterparts. The research supports related studies that show decreased aggression and higher cognitive ability among people living in green spaces.

Improves the ability to focus

The activities in the city can be overwhelming – a city dweller is constantly bombarded with stimuli, which, in effect, makes them distracted all the time. Taking a walk in the forest or in a quiet, green thicket, amidst birds, trees, and Mother Nature,can help you clear your mind. Done often enough, it can even increase your ability to focus.

Speeds up recovery time from illness

If you’re recovering from an operation or surgery, the view of greenery from forests or trees can help you heal faster. The view of a tree can reduce the stress and pain associated with recovery, as well. In fact, studies even from some years ago have already shown that hospital gardens can help patients heal more quickly.

Improves the immune system

Forests provide fresh air that is much better than the air pollution we are exposed to in the city. Phytoncides are substances that plants emit as protection from harmful insects. These substances are believed to be beneficial to humans.

Living in the city can be exciting; yet, it can also prove exhausting, especially when urban activities keep us busy and active all the time. Forests are important green spaces that provide us a wealth of benefits, both physical and mental. While urban parks and green spaces are immensely beneficial to that end, it is still ideal to trek out to a forest or rural retreat, every so often, to immerse yourself in and reconnect with Mother Nature.