More Than Grass: Make Your Yard A Retreat

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What do we want our yards to be? They can be picturesque, or great for entertaining, or a space that allows our children to run around and have carefree fun. These are all appealing options, but there’s one that often gets overlooked: making your yard a retreat. In an age that asks ever more of us, and which can often seem overwhelming, it’s more important than ever that we have a place that allows us to relax, restore, and escape. Below, we take a look at a few simple additions to your yard that’ll turn it into a place where you’ll love to be.

Go Potty With Plants

When you picture an outdoor oasis, it’s not a space that is overflowing with harsh concrete and metal. It’s a place that has more greenery than you know what to do with! So if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to go big with plants, then this is it. You have the license to hit up the store, buy as many plants as you can afford, and place them strategically around the yard. When you walk out of your back door, it’ll be as if you’ve walked into your own lush rainforest. Nice!

Focal Point Features

An oasis is all about bringing together the elements and feeding the senses. You’ll have all those plants, which will make your outside space smell fantastic. And for the ears? Well, the birds who call your yard home will do some of the work, but you’ll also want to consider adding a water feature. There’s nothing better than the sound of running water as you’re trying to relax! Add a stylish fountain from Garden Fountains, and you’ll have the ideal focal point for your natural retreat. Reading on a summer’s day, surrounded by plants and a classy fountain; what could be better?

Cozy Corners

And talking about reading, let’s have a think about how you can create a space that’ll allow you to really relax. By adding a cozy reading corner to your garden, you’ll be able to spend long days enjoying the beautiful outdoor space that you’ve created. When it comes to creating this corner, look at incorporating natural accessories such as wood and stone, as well as some subtle lighting; it’ll make the space look all the more magical at night.

Go Private

There’s one more thing that’s hugely important if you really want to unwind in peace and style: privacy. You won’t be able to relax if you have a sense that your neighbors can see you. And additionally, you’re always going to feel connected to the wider world if you can see all those surrounding buildings, try as you might to block them out. So work on making your garden more private. You can do this by adding a tall hedge or fence to the perimeter of your yard, and by positioning your chairs in places that are out of the line of view of others.

With that, your idyllic retreat will be complete!