Key Tips for Growing Cannabis Using Hydroponics

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If you do your research and are truly devoted to your plants, growing cannabis at home can be quite easy. Taking proper care of your crop will result in the higher standard of your harvest.

Using hydroponics systems as a growing method has recently become more popular, however, utilizing the system may be tricky for absolute beginners. In case you don’t know, hydroponics refers to growing systems that instead of using soil use water, water-soluble nutrients, and a growing medium. If you’re interested in home growing weed, here are some key tips on how to cultivate high quality pot with hydroponics.

Get the supplies

The first order of business is to gather the supplies. Firstly, you will need a bucket for each plant and a grow table. You will also require pH neutral clay pellets to line the buckets and 1.5 inch rock wool cubes to act as your medium.

When it comes to hardware, the list is a bit longer. You should make sure to get an appropriately sized reservoir tank and a relatively large water pump. Acquiring an air pump and an air stone should be high on your priority list, pun intended.

Last but certainly not least, you should get a hold of some plastic tubing, a drip line, and drip line emitters which will provide the plants with essential nutrients. If you’d like to learn more about the basics of the hydroponics systems and additional equipment you may need, check out this linked article.

Don’t forget to germinate

One of common mistakes with gardening in general is that people just put the seed in the medium or soil and expect to see the results. They are forgetting a crucial step! For the plants to produce some beautiful buds, you should make sure to germinate the seeds. Sprouting the cannabis seed takes no longer than a day and is quite easy.

Place a paper towel on a plate and put your seeds on it, making sure that there is some breathing space between them. Using a water mister, spray the seeds so that the entire paper towel is wet. Put another plate on top, put the seeds in a dark and warm place, and in 24h your seeds should start sprouting.

When the seed is germinated, you are free to move it to the Rockwool cube. You may transfer the plants into coco coir after considerable growth, since it’s more suitable for bigger plants.

Feeding the plant

Once you’ve planted your marijuana, you should nurture it to full growth. When your plant is young, you should feed it with a lighter nutrient, or just use a much higher proportion of water when making the mixture.

After a couple of weeks, your plants will grow and require more feed, which is when you should up the strength of the nutrient. You should always purchase nutrients suitable for hydroponics systems since they often include a feeding schedule you can follow if you’re unsure what to do.

Another tip – to get the highest quality weed, dissolve the nutrients in water of a pH value of 5.5 to 6.0. This exact pH ensures that the plants will fully absorb the nutrients.

Hand-water the plant

Many people forget to hand-water the plants because they’re essentially growing in water. However, hand-watering is one of the key parts of having a healthy hydroponics crop.

When your weed plant is just a baby, you should water it around three times a week, but when it grows into an adult plant make sure to water it at least daily.

Your gardening bucket should not only contain pH adjusted water, but also the additional nutrients needed for a happy plant. Pay attention to your plant, certain strains require more or less water, so track the changes in the plant. If it starts to wilt or droop, alter the watering schedule.