How to Grow Quality Marijuana Buds? – 6 Golden Steps

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As a marijuana grower, you definitely want to ensure your yield is the top quality. Therefore, you will stop at nothing when it comes to meeting this objective. But one thing you ought to do is seek expert guidance in marijuana growing. Here are some of the top tips to follow to grow quality buds.

Make Sure You Supply Adequate Lighting

For the outdoor growers, lighting is not a major issue. However, for those growing indoor buds, it is definitely important to invest in good lighting. Think of the best LED grow light in the market that will provide you with adequate lighting to an indoor marijuana buds growing. You will find plenty of information on review at, helping you find out the advantages and disadvantages of different LED grow lights.

Feed your Buds Lightly

Some growers hold the notion that feeding their buds heavily will result in healthy and potent yield. However, the fact is that there is no plant that will require excessive feeding. This is the reason why seasoned growers emphasize right feeding of the buds to ensure they grow healthy. The nutrients and supplements you feed the buds with pla7y different roles and at different growth periods. Therefore, if you feed the crop wrongly, don’t expect it to yield as expected.

Choose the Best Seeds

One thing you will definitely not change when growing buds is the genetics. If you choose the genes wrongly, you will definitely have to regret for the rest of the growing season. This is because the buds will not yield as expected so long as you choose the wrong genes from the start. Therefore, you would like to talk to an expert when it comes to choosing the right buds to grow that will help in maximizing the potential.

Select the Feminized Seeds

Selecting feminized seeds is very important before you embark on growing operation. This is especially when you are looking at producing massive top-quality yields. This helps to prevent the catastrophes that slow down the process and reduce the yield of the entire crop.

Ensure You add Fertilizers and Boosters Appropriately

If you have chosen the right seeds for growing on your grow room, you also need to ensure that you add the right supplements. Choosing the wrong fertilizers results to doing more harm to your plants and this leads to losses Therefore, it is critical that you choose the best fertilizers that will match the needs of the plant at different stages.

PH is a Critical Grow Condition

This is the measure of the acidity and the alkalinity on the grow medium. It is important that you ensure the crops are grown in medium where the alkalinity and the acidity meet the optimal conditions. When PH fluctuates, you should balance it to the required levels. This way, you will be assured that your crops have the best growth conditions.

We have just covered the crucial basics in marijuana growing. Follow these basics and you will be able to achieve high yields.