How a Gunite Pool Builder Suggests You Upgrade Your Swimming Pool Design

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When the weather gets cooler, thoughts to turn to having fun in the sun and how to make it happen next year. That’s what makes this time of year a good time to start planning a pool so that it’ll be ready to enjoy by summer. There are a few pool designs that any homeowner can rely on to spruce up their landscape. Here are a few versatile, go-to design ideas that a gunite pool builder can proudly stand by. Which option do you like best?

A Lagoon-like Pool

This popular pool design can make a backyard look more like a tropical paradise. A freeform pool with gentle curves and a dark green or phthalo blue interior takes on the appearance of a natural oasis. Surround your lagoon-like pool with natural flagstone or a convincing concrete substitute to complement the aesthetic. A poolside rock arrangement is another beautiful addition to this pool design and can be customized to hold a water feature. Water features that empty into pools help to aerate the water within and prevent stagnation, warding off mosquitoes.

Sleek Geometric Granite

For a modern look, consider pairing the sharp angles and straight clean lines of a geometric pool with the rugged, masculine appearance of granite slabs. Granite can be incorporated into the coping of the pool or used to pave a poolside patio. This design can be enhanced by landscape lighting, which illuminates the pool’s striking angles and makes it more accessible after dark. Ensure that the materials you use around your pool are non-slip and adequately sealed or water-resistant to prevent water damage.

Mediterranean Luxury

Pools designed in the Mediterranean style tend to look luxurious and resort-like. Sandstone or a concrete substitute can be used to enclose a sky blue pool with ornate coping. A Grecian shaped pool, with concaved corners, pairs well with this luxurious style. Consider surrounding the pool with amphitheater-like seating built into your landscape. Stunning stone retaining walls with sandstone capstones can be used to construct impressive seat walls that complement the pool. Plenty of lush greenery pairs beautifully with the light, crisp color palette of this aesthetic.

Making Room for a Patio

A pool is wonderfully versatile, allowing you to swim laps, cool off, or play games all in one place. Make your pool even more alluring by positioning a decked-out patio snugly beside it, fully equipped with a bar and ample seating. An L-shaped pool provides a sharp square for the inclusion of a patio surrounded on two sides by water. The shape of the resulting patio is perfectly suited to fit underneath a pergola.

A Picturesque Infinity Pool

Make the most of your view or waterside landscape with an infinity pool. The edge closest to the view is built to the waterline, and no farther so that it becomes invisible. As a result, the pool seems to blend into the landscape beyond. It is the ultimate luxury pool, designed for photo-ops. If your landscape is multi-leveled, the vanishing edge can be decorated or left translucent to serve as a decorative feature when viewed from a lower level.