Heat Pump Maintenance

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Many homeowners believe that they have a reliable heat pump system that will assure comfortable days during those dreaded chilly days. But what if it gives up during your most wanted days? You may have been lucky last time, but what is the guarantee that you will be lucky this time too? Your simple answer will surely turn to contacting the professionals for repairs. However, are you certain that your professional will be free in the busiest time of the holiday season, waiting for your call? You will be put on hold for days, while you and your loved ones struggle in the dead of cold.

The best way, you can avoid this dreadful situation is by calling the experts of heat pump repair Lake Zurich, IL. This will help in the efficiency, longevity, and reliability of your heat pump system. You will also save money by choosing to maintain, not replace. This will likely save you from needing credit repair services, especially if your finances are already spread too thin…

A little homework on your side can do a lot of good things for you and guaranteed stress-less winter days. Therefore, before you contact the professionals for maintenance and services, know what to expect from the servicemen.

What to Expect During Heat Pump Maintenance and Services?

The following are a few of the maintenance, services, and checking done by the professionals of heat pump services Lake Zurich, IL.

  • Thermostat – It should reflect the right present condition. The settings must be adjusted to the inmates’ comfort level, while at the same time save energy.
  • Areas Around the Heat Pump – This process is mostly ignored by many professionals, but checking the areas circling the heat pump is very important. It must be free from dirt, debris, and other related things.
  • Electrical Components, Relays, Capacitors, and Contactors – Right fitting connections make sure safety and longevity of the system’s life. The professionals will check the energy consumption and optimal operation of the heat pump. If this is not regularly maintained and cared for, it will risk compressor and motor failures and/or electrical hazards. Contact Aaron & Trecker for safer and reliable heat pump maintenance and services.
  • Lubrication – When the parts are properly lubricated, it will reduce resistance, frictions, and energy losses.
  • Condensate Drain and Pan – The drain must be free from obstructions and the pans must not have any cracks or leaks. Call the professionals of heat pump services Lake Zurich, IL, if you notice any cracks or leaks.
  • Air Filter – The air filters must be cleaned once in two months for better operation. A dirty air filter will cause energy loss and very soon damage the internal parts of the system.
  • Blower Wheel and Motor – Just like air filters, blower wheels and motors must also be kept clean. Failure to do so would lead to compressor damage and wasted energy. The professional will make sure proper amperage is drawn by the motor.
  • Condenser Fan and Coil – The condenser fan and coil must be properly cleaned so that any problems connected to refrigerant pressure are not affected.

The above are a few of the maintenance and services that will be performed by the reliable professional of boiler repair Lake Zurich, IL.

May times, one may ask what is the need for heat pump maintenance, when their system is running fine. To clear off their doubts, there are numerous benefits of heat pump maintenance. They are as follows.

  • Lower Operating Costs – When the system is regularly maintained, minor and major problems can be avoided, thereby saving money and time.
  • Energy Efficient – A system that is annually maintained will save up to 25% of energy. Your utility bills will be low and your system will also not be compromised in any way.
  • Extended Heat Pump Life – Just like other electrical appliances, the heat pump also comes with a limited lifespan. However, if it is properly cared for and annually maintained, it will prolong the system life by at least3-5 years. You can easily get away by replacing small parts, than replacing the entire unit.
  • Saves Time and Energy – Heat pump repairs take up a load of time and money. Whereas, maintenance takes up just a small-time portion. You are not just saving time, but also money and energy.

Therefore, when you are nearing the fall season, make sure to call the heat pump repair experts, so that you and your loved ones are not affected in the chilly days.