Houston Painters Give Homeowners Tips on Home Colors

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Many homeowners are afraid of color. They do not want to experiment, neither do they want to add some life into their boring mundane homes. But we are here to tell you to break through those chains and live a more adventurous life! There are a few ways you can put together to spruce up any house, such as these, for instance, click here. And a good paint job using the right tones should be one of the items as a top priority on that list.

This article will give you insight into a few things related to color, that many painting companies will not tell you. When you hire professionals in the field, they need to give you some suggestions or advice on what colors look good in your home and make it stand out from the crowd.

Fear not, were here to do just that. Below are a few things to keep in mind when hiring experts for the job and choosing the right color for your kitchen or bedroom or lounge. No matter what space you want to be coated, the below tips will help you out simply and effectively and you will fall in love with your home all over again. You will never see your home the same way again!

Start with The Basics

A home entryway, says a lot about the rest of the house, and most of all, sets the tone for a welcoming approach from the homeowners. You want it to look warm, yet alive, with bold colors yet exquisite décor and ornamental pieces.

This may sound difficult to do, but with the right idea in mind and starting with the basic notion of the color wheel, everything will fall into place perfectly. To brighten up the entrance use a lot of white, and we don’t mean hues of white but plain old white, however, to add a bit of character to it, throwing in splashed of color from tones that are the opposite of a muted palette will make it come alive.

Winning colors range from a foundation of two bold colors such as blue and orange, and then adding hues of the same from complementary colors such as navy, turquoise, cobalt and in the orange ranges, adding corals, tangerines, and grapefruits, will do the trick. Get some further ideas online as well as https://www.designbaronline.com/complementary_colors/. That’s all there is to it, two bold base colors, and complementary ones thereafter.

Repetition Is Key, But Differently

When you’re standing in the middle of the house, for instance in the foyer, and you look around to see all the other rooms, you should be able to notice the same colors being used in all the rooms but a different manner.

In which case, choosing the same family of colors but using them in variations in each room will bring out every aspect of it and add a sense of unity to it as well. The idea is to use the same palette of hues throughout, for instance, if we continue with our original choice of blues and orange tones and you painted the family room a certain shade of blue color, you would continue this in the breakfast room, but paint the breakfast table or chairs in the same hue.

The walls in this room will then be a shade of orange instead. Place some popping colored breakfast chairs in this room, for instance, the grapefruit tones. Any Houston painting company will agree that this idea will make the room stand out and keep things still looking fresh and modern.

Let’s Talk Patterns

When choosing to add some patterns to your home, for example on the upholstery or pillow covers and even in your bedroom on the sheets, go for a subdued tone with loud patterns or a loud tone with subdued patterns. In either case, you don’t want to cause too much chaos by using bold colors and big patterns, as this does not look classy.

A recommendation would be white covers with black patterns or orange covers with black patterns, for instance. Try and stick to one or possibly two patterns around the whole house, as opposed to a circus of different ones. It needs to feel calm, but also fun. Accessories are your go-to here, playing with these in both tones and patterns, will keep the rooms moving.

Things such as fresh flowers, lampshades, books, and mirrors, all add an extra touch of color to any room. If you’re not a fan of these bold colors pick the strong ones, such as pure white instead of creams, and cocoa brown instead of mustard or sand.

We hope this helped give you an extra jump in your step when thinking of how to spruce up your home!