How to Eliminate Rats On Your Property

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Every homeowner dreads having rats on their property. This is because the rodents are known for wreaking havoc once they infest a home. For a start, the rats will destroy your valuables including clothes, shoes and electric cables among other things. The other problem is that the rodents can bring diseases into your home due to their habit of frequenting filthy places. And that’s not all. The rats will also contaminate your food, especially when it’s left uncovered.

The worst is that they can embarrass you when there are visitors in your home. It’s actually easy to tell when there are rats in your home. You will find their droppings on the floor and also hear them make some noise after the lights have been switched off. On the other hand, it’s not easy to eliminate rats specifically when you don’t have a solid strategy. This is because their population increases drastically. Here is a list of tips when you want to eradicate rats once and for all.

1. Setting Traps

Setting a trap is definitely one of the most ancient methods of keeping rats at bay that still works to this day. The reason that traps have a high success rate is because rats use the same path every day. For best results, it’s recommended that you put bait on the trap so that they can be attracted to it. When setting the trap, it’s important that you put it in a place where will not catch pets or little children. Remember, pets and kids are a curious and will want to explore what you have left out if you leave it in a high traffic spot.

Traps that kill the rats are highly recommended because they spare you from the trouble of having to literally kill the pests yourself. However, if you use glue boards, you have the option of starving the rats once they are caught for them to die naturally or you have to listen to them scream as they try to wriggle away from the glue. The advantage of such traps is that they can catch many rats simultaneously. If you prefer to use traps that kill the rats one at a time, you must inspect them on a daily basis or the dead rat will cause your house to stink.

2. Poisoning

Rodenticides are an effective way of eradicating rats in your home. The good thing is that you don’t even to chase the rats around with a bat like a mad person. Rodenticides are basically poisonous baits that are made from foods that the rats are fond of. When shopping for poisonous bait, you should narrow down those that are designed to be water resistant. Such bait can remain useful for many months even if they are exposed to moisture. And since the bait are highly poisonous, you should hide them in places where they can’t be found by kids and pets.

3. Rearing a Cat

This method might sound weird but it really works like magic. Cats are naturally wired to feed on rodents. The good thing is that the cat will double as a pet and a rat killer all in one. In fact, the cat will not only kill the rats but also feast on them. If you have a big home, one cat may not be enough, meaning you will need at least two or three cats. The other advantage is that you will not need to inspect the house again for dead rats. The cat will actually feast on the rats without leaving any mess behind.