How To Choose The Best Pet Carpet Cleaners

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In our homes, pets are held so dear to our hearts. However, these pets dirtify our carpets giving us a hard time when cleaning the carpets.

When you get the appropriate machine, it helps you to bring all the distinction for your carpet.We have different types of carpet cleaning devices that are specifically designed to clean homes with pets around.

These devices help you to get rid of all stains, furs, and stenches from a pet. The tips below can help you get the best portable carpet cleaner for pets.

Types of carpet cleaner for pet

These products come in different types. While choosing them, there are some things you should consider i.e. the usage of the item and where you will be storing it. Others include:

Spot cleaners

They can be placed on the surface that needs cleaning because they are highly portable and light.

It contains a separate water tank for dirty water which is vacuumed up and a tank for the carpet shampoo and water. Some spots cleaning devices require you to shift the machine back and forth till the stains disappear.

Other units have a rotating brush which cleanses the stains that make it unnecessary for you to operate the unit. You just place it on the stain and let it do the cleaning.

Compact cleaners

A compact cleaner mainly focuses on cleaning carpets for pets. They are a great fit for small apartments or homes use because they are of lightweight and are easy to operate. Their small size makes them easy to store when they are not in use. You can consider using these items when you are not planning to use them for a long period daily.

Full-sized cleaners

These units are a great option if you have pets in your house and you have a large area for storage. These units can work for a long period because they have a very high-powered motor. However, these products are bulky and heavy; the machines are generally heavy when empty and much heavier when they are filled with water.

Features to consider when purchasing a carpet cleaner for pets.

When choosing a carpet cleaner in this case, choose one that is well designed for pets. The cleaner should be more effective when it comes to removing the hair, orders, and stains left by your pets. The features include;

The capacity of the motor

For effective cleaning of stains in a carpet, you need to choose a device with a very powerful motor.

A light motor is appropriate if you are only cleaning normal dirt like dust or spills of coffee.

For strong odors and urine stains, you need to use a powerful moor for you to attain the best outcome. However, if you are using a powerful motors are good for thick carpets.

Stain insulator

A stain insulator separates other wastes and urine from the water tank. Constant usage of the machine can contaminate your carpets due to the strong smell of ammonia from the pet’s urine.

The size of the water tank

A unit with a larger tank is advantageous. It will help you to save more time, this is because its capacity to hold a lot of water will minimize the time used for refilling water. Though it makes it heavier. If you are opting to choose a deep cleaning machine, then look for a product that has a larger tank that is capable to hold more water.

The warranty

While you are operating the unit, make sure you don’t breach the terms and conditions specified in the warranty.

Some products have been specified by their manufacturers the required type of carpet formula or shampoo to use.

In case the unit breaks down because of using any other products apart from the stipulated ones, the warranty will be compromised.

A remover for pet’s hair

Choose a device that enables you to gather pet’s hair and loose scales which shed off from the coat of a pet. This will help you to reduce excess crowing in your carpet.

Automatic shutoff

As a buyer, you should consider buying a carpet cleaner that automatically shuts off. This feature automatically turns off when the dirty water tank is full or when the clean water tank is empty. It makes it easy for you to know when there is a need to change the water in the device. It in hand helps to ensure effective cleaning of your carpets.

The budget

Deciding on which unit to purchase you should keep in mind the cost and also your planned budget. One cannot compromise quality while buying these products, and they are not cheap to buy.  You should consider the cost of operation over time and also how effective it is while cleaning your carpet.


Accidents occur even if you own highly trained pets. It is stressful when these accidents happen on your preferred carpet and rug.

When this happens you have a choice of either being furious on your pet or purchase a machine that is designed to get rid of the pet’s odor and stains.

Pet cleaners are vital for homes that save on time and reduce the trouble of cleaning pet leavings that is hair and dander.

When choosing a carpet cleaner you should put into consideration the features I have mentioned above. Choose a machine that makes your work easier as a pet owner. Click here to see more tips.