Cleaning Tips – How To Beat Germ All Over Your Home

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Germs have a way of hiding in your home. You will need to clean your home very thoroughly to get rid of all of them. Here are some tips and tricks to make your home germ-free and stop more from breeding.

Always use a clean sponge

Sponges carry a lot of germs when you do not clean them after use. Many people assume that the sponge will be automatically cleaned after using it since it came in contact with soap and water. Unfortunately, this assertion is not true.

Always use a few minutes hand wash your sponge by applying soap and running it under clean water. If you don’t do this, you will end up transferring the germs to your dishes, hands, and other surfaces.

Deep clean your carpets

Carpets hoard a lot of germs, unfortunately, regularly vacuuming cannot get rid of all the germs. The best way to ensure that your carpets are germs-free is to prevent people from walking on these carpets with their shoes. The next thing is to deep clean your carpets. You can contact a professional like Clean Zen – House Cleaning Philadelphia to do it for you or get a carpet cleaner. Focus more on the high traffic areas to get rid of all the dirt.

Clean your switches, doorknobs, and handles

Even during routine cleaning, many people tend to forget about doorknobs, handles, and switches. This often happens because these things appear clean. They look clean because we touch them often, and there is no chance of dust accumulating on them.

But this does not mean that they are clean. Most often, we touch these things with our dirty hands, and these actions transfer the germs to these places. The best way to get rid of these germs is to disinfect them with mild detergent weekly.

Encourage the people in your home to also wash their hands to reduce the chance of them transferring germs to surfaces.

Disinfect your kitchen surfaces and cutting boards

Your cutting board can also hoard a lot of germs, and that is partly because we usually wipe it down and put it back. We rarely wash it but now, make it a point to wash it in the dishwasher. After washing it, spray it with vinegar and leave it overnight. Disinfect it with alcohol. Do this often to ensure that your chopping board is clean.

Clean your trash can regularly

When you throw out your trash, disinfect and wash your trash can regularly. Doing this will get rid of all the germs that are hovering around the can. Use bleach and water for cleaning once at least once a week.

Disinfect your bathroom

Although you clean your bathroom regularly, there may be places that you often ignore. Pay attention to your towel holder, toothbrush container, shower curtain, taps, and toilet seats. These things breed a lot of germs. Wash the shower curtain and disinfect the other things with bleach.

Aerate your home

Open your windows and allow the stagnant air to go out. Do this at least once a week for a couple of hours.