How to Get Rid of Roaches: 3 Simple Methods for You

Do you find yourself feeling grossed out when you see a roach running around or one suddenly falling down from the wall? You are not alone in this panic reaction towards roaches – those ugly pests that most people don’t want to see.

Roaches normally live in dark, damp places, but there wouldn’t be a problem if they’d just stay away from where humans live. They become a nuisance by the way they eat and contaminate our food and starchy items like books or letters. You may find your long-untouched books munched into pieces because of roaches. They secrete an unpleasant odor that will spoil any food they touch.

More dangerously, roaches may have a hand in transmitting diseases like salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera and dysentery. The disease-producing organisms attach themselves to roaches on their legs and bodies, and when they are running around in your living space, it’s highly likely that you may get infected. People who are prone to allergies may find roaches even more irritating because of the allergens carried by them. If you want to repel this damaging pest from your house, the following roach killer methods should be useful to you.

3 Methods to Get Rid of Roaches

Here are three methods that you should use to get rid of roaches.

1. Roach Spray

Roach spray is a popular and convenient roach killer that is used in many households. The roach spray is a mixture of some lethal chemical ingredients in liquid form. It can be sprayed directly onto roaches or their runways where they traverse. If directly exposed to the pesticide, roaches may die instantly. However, sometimes they develop an aversion to the roach spray, so it will not actually kill them but will at least keep them away from your living space.


The advantage of the roach spray method is its convenience. As soon as you notice a roach, you can quickly grab the spray bottle and try to disperse the roach killer pesticide on it. However, the drawback is quite obvious in the way that the toxins not only kill the roaches but also affect the surrounding environment. You yourself will inhale the lethal chemicals if you’re not careful. The quantity may not be large enough to cause immediate side effects, but in the long run it won’t do you any good. Kids or pets may be affected as well if they breathe in the spray. Besides this, most roach sprays help deal with visible roaches only, although there are a few long acting ones on the market.

2. Roach Traps

Roach traps are considered to be one of the simplest ways to fight a roach infestation. The traps will confine the insect in an enclosed place and stop them from moving out. A glue board is among the most common roach killer traps. Once attracted onto the board, the roaches will be stuck there. Place roach traps in places where roaches often travel such as kitchen corners, inside cupboards, behind the refrigerator or in bathrooms. You’ll soon be able to see how effective your roach traps are.


The good thing about roach traps is that no toxic chemicals are involved, therefore this method is safer for where there are children and pets. This method is so easy and takes very little effort to get the results. You simply put the trap down and it will take care of the rest of the job. Once it has filled up with the targeted pests, you can just throw it away.

The downside of the roach trap method is that it is only effective in addressing a small roach population. You may need more traps for a larger population and by then roach allergens will become a problem for people who are sensitive to them.

3. Cockroach Bait

Cockroach bait may come in gel form or inside a bait station, but the idea is to trick roaches into eating food-flavored poison. The poisoned cockroach bait will not kill the roaches right away, but will take effect after some time when the roaches come back to their nest and die. You should make sure that the roaches have no other sources of food at all so that they will be lured to the roach killer cockroach bait. The dead roach bodies in the nest will then be eaten by other roaches, thus spreading the poison to those ones as well.


The main advantage of the cockroach bait method is that the direct exposure to toxic chemicals by non-targeted individuals is reduced as the baits can be set up in safe areas. Also, because the bait is usually inside a container, this prevents children and pets from getting to it. Moreover, it helps to kill even hidden roaches so it’s quite an effective method to use when you have a large roach infestation.

A disadvantage of this method is that you are still resorting to harmful chemicals. Also, the bait itself must always be fresh in order to be attractive to roaches, so you may have to replace the bait stations after they have been in use for some time. Another disadvantage is that roaches may become resistant to the bait poison so that they are not easily affected or killed anymore. If you have other pests invading as well, such as ants, roach bait will not help to repel them because it specifically targets roaches only.



Now you have some ideas of various ways to control roaches. There are sprays or baits available that are made from more environmentally friendly substances, so it’s worth looking for these to try first. The most important thing is to keep your living space clean and tidy. Keep all food covered and wash dirty dishes before going to bed. Make sure that all rubbish bins are sealed and floors are clean. The cleaner your living environment, the less hospitable it will be for these awful creatures.

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