How to Incorporate Greenery Into Your Baby’s Nursery

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It’s important to make sure that your baby’s nursery is a beautiful, safe, and comfortable space. This means that significant thought should go into the decor that you choose for it. In this case, you might want to include natural elements and greenery to make it lively and airy. Here are a few tips that you can use to incorporate greenery into your baby’s nursery!

Size and Placement

The first thing to keep in mind as far as incorporating plants into your baby’s nursery is the number of plants to get. This will mostly be dictated by the size and layout of the nursery since you don’t want to crowd the space too much. When you go to look for plants, try to not get carried away and buy more than can be comfortably accommodated.

Remember that getting too many plants may leave you with a shortage of storage, making the nursery feel less than ideal. You can be sure that the more plants you get, the more money you’re going to spend on them. That’s the last thing that you want to do since it could eat into your savings, especially if your pregnancy is complicated, or you’re using the services of one of the thousands of women who apply to be a surrogate¬†every single year.


The plants that you choose for your baby’s nursery should be safe for indoor use. This means that they shouldn’t be toxic or give off strong fumes which can impact your baby negatively. When you get safe plants, you shouldn’t have an issue when your baby starts crawling and they can interact with the plants. On this note, remember that when children have contact with soil, their anxiety is decreased, and their moods improve.

The best plants should also be soft to the touch and lack spikes and thorns, which can injure a curious child. Remember that you need to take into consideration that your child may eventually be able to interact with the plants a lot. In this case, make sure that potted plants or those that are hung from a height are put up correctly and they’re stable. This will prevent accidents such as trips and falls, as well as having a heavy pot fall on your child or sharp edges in a planter injuring your child as they play.

Indoor Greenery

Last but not least, remember that there are plants that need direct sunlight to thrive. It’s a good idea to avoid these because they may not do well in the nursery unless they’re right next to a sunny window. The best plants to get are those that do well with minimal sunlight so that you can be assured of their success when you take proper care of them.

You don’t even have to break the bank to get plants for your baby’s nursery since you can find several plants at various price points. With some shopping, you can find safe, gorgeous plants, or you can buy a single plant that you feel will be perfect for the nursery. Remember that a simple plant may be purchased for as low as $29.95!

These are a few of the considerations that you should make when incorporating plants into your baby’s nursery. With good planning, you can end up with the perfect nursery!