Keeping Your Garden Safe and Secure

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Many of us invest a whole lot of time, effort and money into creating and maintaining beautiful garden spaces. We dedicate weekends or evenings to mowing the lawn, pulling up weeds, tending the flowers and making everything look nice. We bring in professional help for tasks such pruning our trees, trimming our hedges and maintaining bushes. We also often invest in things like garden decorations, garden lighting and garden furniture. So, it’s not all too surprising that these spaces tend to be our pride and joy and that we want to keep them the way we’ve put them. Unfortunately, there are a number of threats to any garden and you’re going to have to make sure that you put a fair amount of effort into keeping your garden as safe and secure as possible. Here are a few areas that you might want to focus on!

Fencing and Gates

High quality fencing is an essential for any garden. It’s what will ensure people know that this is a private space, rather than a space they can simply enter and walk through themselves. You don’t want to get up in the morning to find that people have trampled over your flower beds or that a neighbour’s pet has defecated on your lawn. Fences create a barrier that will keep the space your own and prevent trespassers of any kind. Just make sure to opt for a reliable fencing company like Sierra Fence to fit your fence properly. This will prevent it from blowing down at the first sign of a storm or bad weather.

Security Systems

If you have anything of value in your garden – this doesn’t even necessarily have to be expensive garden furniture, as many thieves are aware of the value of rare trees, fish that may be in your ponds or other things that you’d assume someone wouldn’t actually steal – you should invest in security systems. These can range from different extremes. A simple light that turns on when movement is detected can be a sufficient deterrent for many criminals. However, a CCTV camera is another investment that will ward would-be criminals off. People are less likely to commit a crime if they know that there will be footage of them doing it.

Clever Planting

Believe it or not, there are plenty of plants that can act as security in your garden too! Clever planting can see sturdy plants make your garden relatively impenetrable, without having to resort to use of barbed wire or spiked fences, which can be a hazard to wildlife and aesthetically unappealing. Thorny trees and shrubs can be planted around the perimeters to make access to your space extremely difficult. Popular choices include Firethorn, the Red Barberry Shrub and Blackthorn hedging.

If you’re going to put the effort into making your garden stand out, you’re going to have to put the effort into protecting it. Hopefully, some of the above advice can help you along the way!