Tips On Keeping Your Indoor Plants Healthy

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Indoor plants at home or in the workplace can really brighten things up and give a wonderful freshness and natural touch to the space that they are in. Many people however do struggle with looking after indoor plants and they buy them looking great, but after a few weeks or months the plants strait to wither and die. The way around this is of course to ensure that the plants are well cared for, and in order to help you do just that we caught up with the team at Gaddys Indoor Plant Hire Sydney, specialists when it comes to indoor plant.

Size of Container

The size of the container is really important because the roots are going to grow on a daily basis and they will need to have enough space in which to do so. This means that you will need to make sure that you are changing the container every month or so, in order to give those roots the space they need, and to keep the plant alive.

Light Conditions

When you buy the plant you have to ask what kind of light conditions it requires, as each plant is very different in this regard. Some plants can stand being left in a window, drenched in natural sunlight each day, others however may only need a few rays in order to stay alive. It is up to you to find out what your plant needs, and then place it in an appropriate location.

Good Quality Soil

The quality of the soil is also a key factor in the health of your plant and you should ensure that you have purchased the most nutrient-rich soil that you can find. This will not only help your plant to stay alive, it will also ensure that it looks healthy too.

Water Properly

When it comes to watering your plants there is a general rule of thumb to follow, and that is to always ensure that the soil is moist. When the soil is drying out, that is the time to give your plant some water. Don’t overdo the water, the plant shouldn’t be drowning, also make sure that you don’t water the leaves of the plant, as this is not where it needs hydration. If you water the leaves then the water could burn from the sun and mark the foliage.

Clean Foliage

Something which many aren’t aware of is the need to clean the foliage if it gets dirty. The foliage of the plant is where it receives the sun’s rays and if the foliage is dirty it is going to block the sun from coming in, and limiting the plant’s ability to get the energy that it needs. A simple daily wipe of the foliage will ensure that no dust or dirt gathers on there, and it will be able to get the sun’s rays to each part of the plant.

If your plants have been dying on you, it is possible that you haven’t been following these steps, give them a try and let us know how you get on.