5 Masonry Features To Boost Your Landscape Design

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Masonry projects can not only create showstopping focal features, but high-quality masonry can also boost the value and longevity of an entire property. Read on to discover the best masonry features to invest in to boost your landscape design.

Fire Features

A masonry fireplace or fire pit can transform the atmosphere of an outdoor living space, making it more intimate and inviting. Fire features serve as natural gathering spots, keeping you warm and cozy as you roast marshmallows and tell campfire stories. Burning wood can emit a comforting scent and produce beautiful embers. However, outdoor fire pits and fireplaces can also run on gas, and these gas-powered options can be turned on and off with the flip of a switch. Consider whether you value easy convenience or the experience of setting wood alight more. High-quality masonry can ensure that your fire feature is not only functional, but serves as a visual focal point, too.

An Impressive Driveway

The driveway serves to introduce the home and hardscape, and a damaged or outdated driveway can subdue the impact of the entire landscape. The structure of the driveway is just as crucial as the beauty of its lush surroundings and accompanying home. High-quality stone slabs or paving stones can be used to create interlocking patterns that won’t budge under the frequent pressure of vehicular traffic. Withstanding both mechanical and environmental stressors, these stones will not be easily damaged and can keep the driveway safe and trip-resistant.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are traditionally used to tame problematic slopes and bring order to softscapes. However, they are extraordinarily multifunctional and can be used as seating walls or borders for separate outdoors rooms. They can also improve the visual appeal of a landscape by embellishing it with the beautiful stone craftsmanship from which they are made. A low retaining wall flanking a walkway can make it look more anchored and refine the border between pavers and the surrounding softscape. Consider allowing climbing plants to spread their vines and flowers over your stunning stone masonry walls for a rustic look and feel.

Perfect Pillars

Stone masonry pillars can be used to end off low walls, while taller pillars can add height and grandeur to an outdoor living space. Pillars look particularly dramatic after dark, when they can be illuminated using creative outdoor lighting techniques. Uplighting, for example, can make pillars look more formidable. Pillars can be used to mark important points within a very large landscape, such as walkways and entrances to make navigation of the landscape safer and easier.

A Homely Patio

Masonry can be incorporated into your outdoor living space in a variety of ways. From the luxurious stone underfoot to pillars that prop up an overhead shelter, masonry can be used to craft a variety of features that can make a patio look more refined. Whether you opt for polished stone slabs or rustic, chunky units of stone will help to decide the aesthetic theme of the entire outdoor living room.