Pest And Mice Control For Your Home During A Pandemic

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Coronavirus hit the world by surprise and changed the pattern of how things were being done. Things are happening that have never been seen before, such as a total lockdown of schools, offices and business premises, restaurants and other public places that impact the economy and how one goes about living their life. Life for most people came to a standstill and we were all forced to adapt to the new ‘normal.’

People were now locked up in their houses with governments declaring the cessation of movement in a bid to curb the spread of the virus. This then brought about a new phenomenon, one of crowded spaces, in this case our homes, and the other of completely deserted spaces, in this case schools and business premises which everyone retreated away from.

These isolated spaces became a breeding ground for pests and mice. Because of minimal movement and lack of proper care and sanitation of these isolated spaces, pests and mice found new breeding grounds.

Coming back to the crowded places like homes where almost everyone quarantined in, these pests and mice weren’t absent either. You probably are in this pandemic season having to battle with controlling and eliminating these filthy creatures from your home.

Pest And Mice Infestation At Home

Spending more time indoors means there is a lot of activity happening in the house. From cooking multiple meals a day to sitting in the living room watching shows on TV, a lot is happening. This in turn results in more dirt and food waste accumulating in the house.

If this mess isn’t cleaned up on time, pests and mice find their way to your home and invade the space in a bid to feast on what you’ve left over. Cockroaches are by far the major pest that infests homes. Increased food presence in the form of oil stains, grease, and crumbs create a sustainable environment for them.

Additionally, pests love packages. As you receive shipped packages in cardboard boxes, these pests find room in those packaging boxes that you retain. They then make these boxes breeding grounds and increase in number.

This is why during this pandemic season you should be particularly keen on cleaning your home every day and discarding off all the unnecessary stuff like packaging boxes that have no use.

Mice also tend to sneak into the house through cracks in the wall, through the gutter, door or window gaps, or any other opening that leads into the house that they can pass through.

During this pandemic season, mice have noticed that there is a lot of activity in the house. Doors are always open, the garbage bin is constantly being packed with leftover food, and the pantry is constantly being stocked with fresh food items.

Mice will take this opportunity to sneak into the house and make a feast of the available supplies.

Taking Control Of Pests And Mice

These pests and mice will not leave your home on volition. You will have to put up a fight to control and eliminate them. Making the conscious decision to keep your home clean on a daily basis, to use traps to catch and kill these mice, and to fumigate your home once every month will go a long way in saving you the headache brought by these stubborn pests and mice that have invaded your space.

Here are some more actionable tips on How to Get Rid of Mice that you can implement in your home during this pandemic season.