Pests to Watch Out For This Summer in Australia

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Pests are a problem year-round in Australia, but Summer is an especially bad time. The warm weather provides more habitable living conditions for pests that don’t like the cold. It also means more potential food is available, which causes pests to reproduce more often and makes it easier for infestations to occur. Nobody wants to be attacked by insects in their yard or find droppings in their home. To prevent this, it is important to take proper pest management steps to keep your home free of unwanted guests.

Keep reading to learn more about the pests to look out for and how to prevent an infestation from forming in or around your property.

Pests to Watch Out For


Termites themselves don’t pose much of a threat to people, but they can do serious damage to your property. Termites eat wood and other softer materials, which can damage existing support structures in your home or foundation.

To prevent termite infestations, avoid keeping wood objects near the home’s exterior so they aren’t lured nearby. You should also patch any holes so that it is harder for them to get inside. If they do, consider pest control services to remove them entirely.


Everyone has dealt with an ant problem at some point, and the sheer number of ants in Australian means they’re a prime candidate for spoiling your Summer plans. Ants are attracted to food that is left out, which means sealing and cleaning up any food inside the home. You can also use traps and bait to actively fight against an infestation if it occurs.


Cockroaches are one of the most notorious pests in the world, acting as a symbol of poor living conditions. However, in Australia we have the ideal living and reproduction conditions for cockroaches, which makes them a major problem in households. They can carry disease with them, which makes preventing and treating any infestations crucial to your health and safety. Sprays and traps can help cut down the population, but they reproduce quickly so professional pest control services are often the best way to stop an cockroaches infestation for good.


Mosquitoes love the warmth, which means they are all over Australia. Unfortunately, they are also one of the more dangerous insects you may come across, carrying Zika, Dengue Fever, and more with their bites. To prevent major mosquito infestations, avoid leaving stagnant water near your property to limit their breeding potential. It can also help to limit vegetation near your home to provide less food and shelter for them to hide in.


Fleas are a problem for both dogs and humans, biting any animal they end up on. As with most insects, they enjoy the warmth so when your pet is outside running around the yard, they may pick up fleas that can quickly lead to an infestation. To prevent fleas from making it in your home, check your pet before they come inside and regularly clean them with a flea treatment.


Rodents like mice and rats always seem to find their way inside our homes. They look for food and shelter from potential predators outside, climbing in through holes and other entry points into your home. Once inside, they will chew anything they come across and may carry bugs along with them, bringing the infestation into your home. To prevent them from getting inside, cover any openings where a small rodent may fit and avoid leaving food around to tempt them.


By far the largest of the pests on this list, possums can be a menace to your property. They carry fleas and ticks, dig in garbage, and build nests under decks or any other closed-off space where they feel safe. To stop-them from causing havoc outside, consider bringing your garbage bins in at night and covering any holes they may be able to hide in. If you come across one, call a pest control specialist to remove them for you.