When To Plant Apple Trees In Your Yard

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Planting apple trees in your yard is an excellent idea.


If you don’t know when the right season is to plant one, you might not be able to do it properly.

But luckily for you, I’m sharing some practical tips and points in this article that will surely answer the question: when to plant apple trees in your yard.

Take a bite and read on to find out…

When To Plant Apple Trees In Your Yard

Here are the best season to plant apple trees in your yard:

●    During Late Winter or Early Spring

  • Late winter or early spring make the best season for growing apple trees in the yard because it is during this transition that the ground/soil absorbs the most nutrients possible.
  • The air during this period takes a neutral temperature, enriched by the thawing of ice by the end of winter.
  • Several plants grow during the spring season, setting an atmosphere for more plants or trees to grow.

●    When Soil/Ground is Soft Enough for Digging

  • The soil obviously freezes during the winter. It will only begin to soften one a week after the beginning of spring.
  • It is highly important that you catch it on its right timing, not only for a successful dig, but also to secure a rich drainage tendency.
  • With this secured, you will no longer have to constantly test its soil quality.

●    When Parent Apple Trees Start Producing Root Stock

  • Before the onset of spring, survey the best apple tree nurseries in your local area. Like planting a Honeycrisp apple tree for instance, you will need to make some arrangements with an established nursery.
  • Mark the trees that have borne the most fruits. By estimate, that parent tree should produce the most number and best quality of root stock possible.

●    When Soil is Rich of Organic Minerals

  • Freezing will also leave an alter effect on the soil. Sometimes, the cold loses the soil’s nutrients and minerals.
  • To ensure that you have a rich soil, spread out a thick layer of humus and other organic materials into it. You can also include mulch layers.
  • Do this only after having tested the soil’s softness.
  • To test the soil’s softness, here’s what to do:
  • Drive the edge of the shovel into the soil.
  • Make sure that you’ll only do it with one neutral blow (not too strong or weak).
  • Mark and measure the depth of soil the shovel reached.
  • A 10-12 cm depth would mean that the soil has already softened.

You are indeed lucky!

With these ideas, you can be the next best apple tree grower in town.

Watch out for my conclusion…


Apple trees are great additions in your yard. Providing good shade, cool air, and refreshing aroma, apple trees can instantly transform your backyard into paradise.

But planting apple trees needs the right timing. And that is exactly the point of this article: to know when to plant apple trees in your yard.

If you don’t when the right timing is, good luck planting the trees.

The harvest and collection of apple fruit stock also needs timing. Luckily, you’ve all the right points needed in this article.

The next step is to actually do it!