Plumbing Tips for New Home Owners

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Every homeowner must know how to take care of their home. If you want to protect your home from disaster then it is very essential to have the knowledge of pluming. It is true that you will get a number of a local plumbing company in your locality but it is always better to have adequate knowledge on it so that you do not depend on plumbing experts rather you can take care of your home yourself. Before you start plumbing work for your home it is very essential to know what can be the possible problems and once you can determine the problem you will be able to repair it. Hence, in this article we have come up with some essential plumbing tips for your new home which are as follows:

  • Knowing your water main: When you face problems in the water supply the first thing that you need to check is the water main as it is the first access point with the help of which the water comes into your home. Generally the water main is located in the basement near the water heater. There is a shutoff valve in the water main and if there will be any problem in this valve then it will completely stop the flow of water in your home. Hence, check it and if required replace it immediately. You must check if there are any kinds of leakage at your wall or ceiling. If you find any you must fix the leak as soon as possible.
  • Dealing with clogged drains: Generally, when a person takes shower it is mostly seen that his or her hair falls out and it gets building up over time. When the pipe gets clogged with the hair the water cannot pass through it properly. You may find some liquid drain cleaner in the market that can be used to clean the pipe but you should not use those cleaner since they consist of chemicals that are very harmful to your health as well as plumbing infrastructure.
  • Keeping tabs on water pressure: The next essential that must check is the water pressure on your tab. There is a pressure gauge in the tab and you must check that pressure gauge regularly. If you find any problem in the pressure gauge then you must replace it immediately and you will find that in almost every hardware shop of your locality.
  • Having a water pressure reducing valve: You should check whether you have high water pressure at your home. If you have too high water pressure you must get it down to a safe level. All that you need to do for getting the water pressure down is to install your Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV). Generally, it is seen that the municipal water companies provide the water at high pressure for serving fire hydrants, high-elevation homes as well as high rise buildings. Most of the municipal deliver water at more than 100 psi but in most cases it is observed that the home is designed for handling the water pressure in 50 to 60 psi.
  • Cleaning out the gutters: You must clean out your gutter as often as possible. If your gutter gets clogged it will cause water to pool on your roof which may lead to the waterfall unevenly. You must avoid water damage at every cost as a homeowner and as such it is very essential to always clean the gutter especially during the late summer and early spring. If you have many pine trees or other trees in your home then it becomes more essential to clean the gutter regularly. You can use foaming drain cleaner for this task.
  • Replacing your water heater: The water heaters that you have kept in your bathroom have a certain lifespan. You must check that lifespan and replace that when its lifespan comes to an end. Generally, water heater can hold 50 gallons of water and so you should never try to hold more than 50 gallons of water as it may cause leakage. When it is time to replace the water heater you must replace your sump pump as well as it may cause problem after some days.