Pros and Cons Of Moving To A High Rise Apartment

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There are a lot of things to consider when you’re moving to a new location. Aside from covering the basics of looking for a reliable moving company for hire, properly packing all of your valuables and unpacking all of your moving boxes, some people will still have to think about where they’re going to move. While some people are eyeing to either buy or lease a new house, many are considering to move to a high rise apartment – and you could probably be one of the latter.

You should never hastily decide on where you’re moving. You’ve invested a lot of time and effort for the move, and living in a place which doesn’t meet your standards can be very frustrating. If you think moving to a high rise apartment is the best option for you, consider the pros and cons first.

Once you move to a high rise apartment, expect that you can enjoy the following:

  1. Easy access to different people: Moving to high rise apartment means living with people who are only a staircase away. This can be an excellent avenue for you to expand your social circle and meet new friends. The networks you create in these apartments can be your stepping stone to improve your career or learn new hobbies. You might even find your match in these apartments!
  2. Easy access to business establishments: High rise apartments are usually located in the middle of the city. This location can give you easy access to restaurants, malls, and boutiques within the city. If these business establishments are merely walking distance from your apartment, you’ll be able to save money on gas in the long run. You’ll utilize your time better since you’ll be able to save yourself from being stuck in traffic.
  3. Privilege of picturesque views: If you’re one of the lucky few who’s able to live on the higher floors of an apartment, you’ll have the privilege of basking in the city’s views. You’ll be able to watch the sunsets and sunrise every single day. You can also view the city lights from a unique angle. With this kind of view, all you’ll need is a glass of wine and a comfy chair – this can be an excellent way of ending a very stressful day!

But on the other side of the coin, moving to a high rise apartment isn’t all that good. It also comes with several setbacks such as:

  1. Safety risks to pets and children: Pets and children love running around in open spaces. While they might enjoy themselves doing this, as a pet owner or parent, this can be alarming for you. Of course, you only want your pets and children to be safe but since high rise apartments are far from the ground, achieving that goal might not be easy. You’ll have to be on the lookout whenever your pets and children are playing. Although balconies are visible, these aren’t foolproof.
  2. Risks to fire and water problems: Apartments are located close to each other. While this kind of setup can give you access to make new friends, it can also put you, your family and apartment in great danger. Whenever leaves their stove on, your apartment will likely be affected by a fire. The same is also true if an apartment is affected by a bursting water pipe. Regardless if these dangers are minor, these can still have an impact to you since you’re living in the same building.
  3. Limited space: If you’re someone who loves seeing a large lawn or garage as part of your property, moving to a high rise apartment shouldn’t be included in your list. Usually, high rise apartments don’t have the luxury of space. You’ll only be provided with a space large enough for you and your family, and that’s it. This space can become an issue especially if you’re claustrophobic or has a green thumb. You can never have a yard to maintain, and you won’t be able to provide a large space for your pets to run around.

Additionally, if you’re planning to hire movers from NYC, the space can also become a problem. The movers might have a hard time transporting all of your valuables to the apartment.

Preparation Is Key

Once you’ve decided to move, expect that you’ll be bombarded with a lot of tasks before, during and after the move. If you’re planning to move far and bring a lot of valuables, the number of these tasks can double – not to mention the stress you might feel. To ensure that you’ll end up with a place that can improve the quality of your life, take time to look at the pros and cons. You should be able to look at an option in a bigger picture so you’ll know what to expect and what risks are involved in your decisions. After all, preparation will always be key to the success of your move.