Reasons to Add a Water Feature to Your Garden

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Many of us dream of having a large water feature in our garden. You might have always wanted a pond with fish, or a decorative fountain to relax by. You might have pictured a large garden with a gorgeous and decadent water feature, surrounded by pretty plants and flowers, with abundant fruit trees in the background. But, as we move into our own homes, we worry that adding a water feature would be too expensive or that we don’t have enough space.

You shouldn’t let these things put you off. Adding a water feature to your garden can have many advantages for you, your garden and the world around you.

Water is Relaxing

The sounds, smells and colors that come with a water feature can all be exceptionally relaxing. Imagine yourself on a warm summer day, lying on a comfy lounger, reading a book, sipping a refreshing drink or a glass of wine, listening to the gentle trickle of water or the running of a stream. Even still water can be soothing, and if you add a water feature to your garden, you shouldn’t be surprised to find yourself dozing off next to it.

It Will Attract Wildlife

Of course, if you add a large pond, you also have to option to add fish, which can add color and style to your garden, give you an interesting pet to look after and help you teach your children about animals. But, a water feature, even a small one, can attract other kinds of wildlife.

Having water in your garden will help you to attract birds, frogs, insects and other bugs. If you want to commit more time to your pond, to attract more, add water plants and other greenery to the area.

It Increases the Value of Your Home

If you add a small fountain or decorative pond to your garden, it might be possible to take it with you if you were ever to move to a new house. A larger pond will obviously have to stay. But, it can increase the value of your home massively. Even a small feature that won’t stay with the property could attract buyers.

There’s Something for Everyone

You don’t need a massive garden or budget to add a water feature to your space. A Tsurumi pond pump can fit any budget, and there’s a feature to suit any garden. Whether you have a minimalist and trendy garden or a big family space with lots going on, there will be something that suits your needs, highlights your gardens best bits and adds something in its own right.

It’ll Be Beautiful

Perhaps the best reason to add a water feature to your garden is that it looks good. It’s a talking point. It’s something that your guests will admire and that you will be proud of.

Water Can Cool Your Garden Down

On a hot day outdoors, a mass of water can cool your outdoor space down, making it refreshing and a great place to cool down in the hot sun.

It Could Make Your Garden Look Bigger

Water is a reflective surface. Like a mirror, it can make a space look and feel larger than it actually is.