Set And Forget: Sustainable Pest-Repellents You Can Keep Using

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We know that pest control is an important part of our lives. Nobody wants to see creepy crawly ants in the kitchen, or flies around the house, especially in summer. But who has time for deep cleaning? Hiring an exterminator saves you time, but can also run the risk of filling your home with dangerous chemicals. If you’re looking for something simple, that you can set and forget, look no further! This list is all about pest control you can set up quickly, and leave to do its work. Take a look, and find something that will suit your family!

Natural Oils

Certain oils are natural insect repellents. Burning eucalyptus oil or lemongrass is a great way to deter insects, and a lot healthier than traditional bug repellent air fresheners, that can have DDTs and other toxic chemicals. Keep your oils replenished, and keeping bugs away is as simple as lighting a candle or flicking a switch on your diffuser!

Set Vinegar Traps

These do require you to rinse and refill them regularly, but they’re a great DIY solution to repel household pests like fruit flies and ants. Fill a small glass bottle half full with vinegar. Create a paper cone that fits through the top of the bottle. Bugs can find their way inside, but the acid from the vinegar will keep them trapped, and kill them off. Then you can safely pour them down the sink, and refill.

Ultrasonic sound waves

Ultrasonic electronic pest repellents work by emitting a sound that disrupts the animal and guides it away from your home. There are many types of ultrasonic devices for mice, mosquitoes and even the common housefly. They’re designed to cover a variety of ranges, and you can even get pet safe electronic devices, so the high pitched noise won’t hurt your dog or cats sensitive ears! It’s a green alternative to chemicals, and all you need to do is keep it plugged in! Check out electronic pest control reviews, to find the best one for your family.

Pheromone traps

They’re not exactly the best thing to use in your kitchen, but if your garden has pests that you’re worried about getting in the house, you might try using a pheromone trap. These are greener options than chemicals, and work by interrupting the breeding cycle of the insects Interrupt the breeding cycle, and you’ve successfully killed off the infestation. What’s great about this is that it works without killing bees or other pollinating insects that you might not want to get rid of, even if you don’t want them in the house!

Pest control is vital to keeping your family health and safe. Insects and rodents can carry disease and bacteria into your home, and they breed rapidly. A small problem can become a full-on infestation by the time you see the first signs at home. But nobody wants to be constantly spraying their home with chemicals. Fortunately, you have safe, easy-to-use options that you can set up, and leave to do their work. It takes less time and money than an exterminator, and is a lot healthier for your family than whatever comes in a spray can. Try some of our tried and true sustainable pest control tips, so you can set it, forget it, and go about your day (and your home!) pest-free!