Simple ideas for creating the ultimate garden game room

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In the modern world, gardens are being used for more than planting and harvesting.

Adding comfortable elements such as decorative seating and lighting is an emerging trend.

Incorporating a game room in your garden is another fun way to spend time in your favorite outdoor space. A game room can be used for playing classic board games, like Monopoly, or more strategical games like Poker or Chess, on which you can even organize your own tournaments with your friends whenever you want, this is another way to bring the environment to life.

Here are a few ideas that will help you set up an entertaining space you will be sure to cherish.

Let the light shine in

Whether you are converting an old shed into a garden game room or starting from scratch, the aesthetic should be inviting for yourself and others.

Consider large windows that will help open up the space. If your game room has a pool table, poker table, videogame area, foosball table and other large pieces of furniture, the room could start to feel cramped if not set up strategically. Windows have the potential to make the area feel considerably larger than it actually is.

Windows are also important for preserving the charm of your garden game room. The look and feel should envoke the sensation of being outdoors. Otherwise, you might as well be playing games inside your home. Gaming is an enjoyable activity, and a garden view provides a spectacular way to set the scene.

If you are building your game room from the ground up, it will be easier to incorporate windows. However, if you are doing a remodel of a previous structure, adding windows is not an impossibility. Skylights are another feature to contemplate. They allow for more natural light than windows alone, and you can also gaze at the stars during night time.

Add plants of all shapes and sizes

Plants are another element that can make your garden game room feel cozy and alluring.

Think about adding an outdoor flower bed that lines the front of the structure on each side of the door. Large and small rocks are a great way to dress up flower beds and can be a great compliment to the plants as well. Unique plants, such as cacti and colorful succulents, are great choices for flower beds that require minimal care.

Potted plants can also provide a custom touch. Large options can be placed indoors or outdoors. You may also think about buying some small, low-maintenance indoor plants to sit atop decorative shelving.

Hanging plants from the ceiling is another creative way to add greenery to your game room. Purchase hooks from your local hardware store, and screw them into the ceiling. Then, find some plant hangers that fit in with your decor.

Additional touches

To keep with the garden theme, allow vining plants to climb up the side of your game room. This can be accomplished easily if your game room has an outer brick wall. However, you will have to help steer the offshoots to the right place as they begin to grow. If your room is not made of bricks, you can install vertical sheets of lattice (also called a wood trellis) outside for the vines to grow on instead.

Some of the best flowering vine plants include morning glories, blue moon wisteria and Madagascar jasmine. Some fruit and vegetable plants are also known to climb, such as tomatoes, grapes and cucumbers.

Lastly, an indoor herb garden can help tie your indoor game room together with your outdoor garden. Plant herbs that grow easily indoors, including basil, chives, rosemary and oregano.

Besides greenery, you should also plan space for a refrigerator in your game room. This will help to minimize time-consuming trips to your main house for food and beverages.

Completing a garden game room makeover can be a fun and rewarding project, and these ideas can help inspire you to get started.