Is your Swimming Pool Leaking? 5 Warning Signs

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A swimming pool is the perfect place to spend a great time with your family and friends during the summers.

However, this luxury comes at a cost and a lot of responsibilities to clean and maintain the pool.

To make your swim season last longer, you need to take care of the pool and most importantly, ensure that your pool isn’t leaking.

Pool leakage is hard to detect. Look for early leakage signs to prevent costly repairs ahead of time. Here are 5 warning signs that your pool is leaking:

A sudden dip in the water level

While spending most of your time splashing and enjoying in the pool, one may not notice the change in the water level.

A drop in water level can be due to many reasons.

Due to evaporation, your pool can lose as much as 1 ½ inches of water a week . You can conserve pool water by installing it with an electric pool cover or pool enclosure when it is not in use.

However, if the pool level suddenly decreases and you are constantly filling up the pool every week, then there may be a leak. Contact an experienced pool company to confirm your doubts.

Damp backyard

It’s frustrating when you can’t enjoy your outdoors or take a walk on your property without getting your feet wet and dirty in the mud.

Damp areas and muddy spots near the pool are some of the telling signs that your pool might have a leak.

When there is a leak in the pool, the water shifts underground, erodes the soil, and causes the landscape to get wet and sink.

Pool Algae

Green pools are not at all fit for swimming.

If you notice an abnormal amount of algae or discoloration of your pool over a short period, there may be a serious water leak.

A leaking pool has an unbalanced chemical level that offers a perfect breeding ground for algae to grow.

Instead of treating the water with chemicals again and again, better find and repair a leak.

Cracks in the pool floor tiles

Is there a crack on the floor tiles near or around the pool?

When there is a leak in a pool, the area surrounding the pool becomes weak due to the excess water absorption.

As a result. cracks and tile movement may occur when the pool settles further into the ground. While smaller cracks can be repaired, serious damage requires professional help.

High energy bills

Are you paying unexpected high electricity bills after buying automatic fill machines?

Automatic fill machines keep your pool filled and can eventually hide leaks.

If you find that the autofill device is operating constantly, it’s’ time to look for a leak.A leaking pool will surely boost your water usage and increase the energy bill.

In the end….

An unnoticed leak can waste hundreds of gallons of water every week and can cause serious damage to your pool or property.

So, it’s important to look for these warning signs and take the necessary steps to avoid potential problems on time.