Switching to Artificial From Natural Grass: What to Know When Choosing the Right Turf to Suit Your Needs

Making the decision to switch to artificial grass when you have always had natural blades is the best way to simplify your lawn care maintenance routine and reduce costs. Yet, it is common for people to be overwhelmed when they are presented with their options. This is because artificial turf comes in a variety of styles, colors and prices that are all designed to suit a wide range of needs. As you get ready to make the switch, consider these factors that will help you choose the right type of turf to suit your long-term needs.

Does It Need to Fit Into The Neighborhood?


Artificial grass comes in styles that are made to mimic the look of natural types of gr´╗┐ass. When you are planning a home landscape, look around your neighborhood to determine if it is important for your new turf to blend in. Then, choose a type that has a similar color and appearance as the rest of the grass in your community. While your neighbors may wonder how your lawn stays so green all year long, it will blend seamlessly into the surrounding area.

Is It Going to Be Used For Sports?


Synthetic turf types have been developed to suit the specific needs of certain sports. For example, putting grass has shorter blades that are made to ensure golf balls roll with the correct speed and smoothness that you would expect with natural grass. Alternatively, artificial grass designed for football will be meant to stand up to heavy use while providing the right amount of cushion to protect players from injuries without detracting from their ability to hit top speed. You can also find these types of grasses in different colors to improve the aesthetics of your sports arena or to show team spirit.

Is Cost a Factor?

Many people choose to ditch their natural grass in favor of artificial types because it better fits their budget over time. However, you can instantly capitalize on the benefits and cost-savings by carefully designing your landscape. For example, you can choose used artificial grass that has been saved from prior projects to cover a small area of your landscape. These remnants could be used to line your walkway or add a decorative touch to a rock garden, and focusing on a small area is cheaper than covering a full yard.

Do You Prefer Environmentally-Friendly Grass?


Switching to artificial turf is already an eco-conscious move since you will be reducing energy waste thanks to the low-maintenance. However, you can take it a step further by choosing recycled grass. Pre-owned turf can range in styles and age, but it often comes from sports facilities that have a need to replace the turf on their playing field often due to strict competition rules. This means that it usually takes an expert to notice the difference between recycled turf and new versions, and choosing this type further reduces the impact of your landscaping on the environment.

Once you find the right type of turf to meet your needs, you will find that the installation and maintenance is a breeze. No matter which type you choose, you can enjoy knowing that your decision is one that continues paying off over time since a beautiful lawn or arena that requires very little maintenance is like a dream come true.

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